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Minister Kiri Allan supports petition opposing Coast farm sales

  1. Mike says:

    The idea that a forest is worse for the environment than a livestock farm is patently incorrect. And the fact these protests are organised by people running private agri-businesses that don’t pay into the Emissions Trading Scheme is laughable. Not only are they the single largest contributor of GHG in the country but they are doing next to nothing to reduce their emissions – and it is the public who are paying the bill for their emissions. I don’t have any sympathy for this lot. We are in a climate emergency and these people are trying to stop others from planting trees that would essentially help clean up some of the GHG emissions their industry has created. And all this is premised on a few people losing “their way of life” – people who have refused to take responsibility for their farms’ emissions and environmental harm. Well, I’m sorry about that, but your way of life is based on asset stripping the environment for private gains.