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Challenge — if you’re up for it

Opinion Piece

Here we go again. The latest attack on Gisborne District Council and its CEO over how it uses council land is under fire from apartment dwellers and others with vested interests at the beach-end of Reads Quay.

It is plain to see that some noses are out of joint. But, “it is what it is”. That is, expert legal advice obtained by GDC to approve the erection of a taonga near the Waikanae Stream is rock solid, like the sculpture itself.

If opponents of the scheme are up for it, then they need to do what I did last year. I challenged the Government over the mismanagement and abuse of my and other veteran’s rights. It cost me a pretty penny (which I’m still paying off).

But that’s not the end of it. Round two is coming up before Christmas with yours truly and five other local war veterans reopening our claim in the High Court.

Justice doesn’t come quickly or cheap but it is worth it if you feel you can win by providing solid supporting data and essential facts to back up your claim. Also, having a good legal team to fight for you is a must.

So, for what it’s worth, feeling aggrieved and hard done-by by others doesn’t count for much in the eyes of the law. That is why Lady Justice wears a blindfold. I wonder if she wears ear plugs as well? Surely not.

Judgements will be made in 11 months when the next GDC elections take place. Will it be more or less of the same pork barrel politics, or is it time for a change and for an injection of fresh talent and ideas? (Including a more even ratio of tangata whenua representation on the GDC, given that 48 percent of our population are Maori.)

As well, I think some councillors might be close to, or are well over, their use-by date. They probably won’t appreciate me saying so, but if you follow the feedback and recent trends emerging from council business, it is clear that there is factionalism and mutiny in the ranks.

Successful councillors, politicians and good community leaders for that matter not only get the job done but are diplomatic in the way they conduct themselves. Which is something any aspiring candidates might wish to consider if they plan to throw their potae (hat) into the ring.

A good sport and diplomat for the game of rugby we all love, Jonah Lomu had an awesome send-off in Auckland befitting his status as a player par excellence. Also, “Captain Fantastic” Richie McCaw hung up his Adidas size 10s, and Mrs Jones’s youngest married son Eddie picked up the top job as England’s new national coach. On top of all of this, training for the 2016 Super Rugby comp gets under way in the new year and so too does the next NRL nine’s league extravaganza in Auckland. A trim, downsized “R&V” looks all ready to go and with it a much needed cash injection into our economy.

With only five more weeks before the Christmas/New Year break, it’s time to stop putting off all those important tasks that need to be done — like getting the bulk of your shopping done as soon as you can. I hate shopping at the best of times, but even more so at Christmas and New Year. With the influx of visitors for “R&V” and other events, going downtown and standing in long queues has to be avoided at all costs. Still all this is bearable if we continue to have clear skies overhead and sun-shining days.