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Opinion Piece

?Re: Heritage nearby, June 8 editorial.

The photo on the front page of Saturday’s edition says it all — the Cook obelisk surrounded by scaffolding and the view across the bay to Young Nicks Head obscured by the obligatory “wall of wood” at the port.

The editorial neatly sums up the concerns around this national monument. The Dept of Conservation needs to promptly inform the people of Gisborne as to what is happening to the Cook obelisk, and what are the plans for the site redevelopment — or are we expected to simply accept a fait accompli?

The idea of exposing part of the original rock bed should be investigated and if practicable it should be done — after all, this would be acknowledging the dual heritage of the area.

Eastland Port contributing to the site redevelopment should be a no-brainer given that the port has consistantly trashed the “cone of vision” since its inception. The fact that so far there has been a “cone of silence” from Eastland Port re the Cook Landing Site gives a possible indication of its attitude towards it.

Perhaps DoC or Heritage NZ could investigate if the cone of vision agreement is actually legally binding, and if so take the appropriate action.

Michael Arnaboldi