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Tiny homes the answer — councils the problem


I have seen much written recently about the housing crisis, and the prospect being raised that the “tiny home” market could be a common-sense response to housing need.

Recently, the Labour Government trumpeted the opportunity for sleepouts of 30m2 or less to be built on existing sites under newly released “building exemption” codes.

Tiny homes are the common-sense answer, but council consent processes (as always) block common sense.

I am in the process of conducting some due diligence on a 29.1m2 sleepout to be placed at the rear of my house.

It turns out that I am not “exempt” from very much at all.

So, far, I am up for $700 for a town planner site feasibility assessment; $8000 for council building infrastructure contribution; $3000 for architect drawing plans; $7000 for a consent; $4000 for Code of Compliance on a tiny home unit; and $3000 for Hiab delivery to site.

That’s $26,200 I have to cough up before I even walk into a tiny home business and place an order.

No wonder most people adopt a DIY, sans-consent process when considering additional accommodation on their home site.

For $26,200, I could get 26 weeks in a Government funded motel.

Oh wait . . . that’s the problem, isn’t it?

Dylan Tipene, Ranui, Auckland