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Convicted killer back in prison

One of two women who killed Amandeep Singh at Kaiti Beach in December 2012, and who was released on parole last year, has been recalled to custody after a domestic incident.

Krystel Therese Pokai, 30, pleaded guilty to assaulting a person in a family relationship — her current partner.

The offence, on January 3 this year, arose out of an argument that escalated to Pokai pulling the woman’s hair and punching her with a closed fist in the face.

The woman suffered swelling, bruising, and scratches to her face and neck.

Counsel Ann-Jolena Baker told the court Pokai was on parole at the time and subsequently recalled to prison on the earlier manslaughter charge.

Any sentence imposed by the court on Pokai now would have to be a prison term and cumulative on her existing one, which might impact her next parole date.

Judge Warren Cathcart agreed the sentence for this offence should be minimal.

He imposed a term of one month.

Such an offence for someone with no previous history would have resulted in a community work sentence, the judge said.

Pokai and her former partner were both jailed for six years, four months in December 2013 on guilty pleas to manslaughter, car conversion, theft of Mr Singh’s credit card and using a document to obtain an advantage.

They received a separate, cumulative (after appeal) one year and eight months for an associated offence of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

The couple beat Mr Singh to death and hid his body in bushes at Kaiti Beach after luring him there with promises of sex.

Pokai was paroled on February 13 last year, her partner in July 2017.

Release conditions forbid them to have contact.

The complainant in the recent charge against Pokai is her new partner.

Before being granted parole, Pokai was working as a shepherd under a release to a work programme, with good reports from her employer and the prison.

Her sentence for the manslaughter of Mr Singh formally ends on December 7, 2020.