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Te Araroa bridge replaced

A 60-year-old bridge near Te Araroa has been replaced with a modern concrete and steel replacement, boosting its load capacity from one tonne to 44 tonnes.

As part of Gisborne District Council’s annual bridge and structure replacement programme, a $175,000 project has been completed to replace the timber Haig Road Access Bridge.

Tairawhiti Roads journey manager Helen Harris said that would increase the weight capacity of the bridge to

44 tonnes.

The 60-year-old timber bridge was extensively damaged and until its recent replacement it could only accommodate a one-tonne vehicle capacity.

“The bridge is now safer to use and provides access to a variety of vehicles.”

The bridge now has a concrete deck and steel beams.

The approaches to the bridge have also been rebuilt.

The bridge now has an expected life span of 100 years.

GDC contracted Bridge It NZ to design and carry out the work.

Mangamaunu Bridge on Tauwhareparae Road, Mangaoporo (No.1) Bridge at Mangaoporo Road and Culvert (No.2) on Bond Road are all due to be replaced part of this year’s bridge replacement programme.

PAST ITS BEST: The Haig Road bridge in poor shape before being replaced. Pictures supplied
The new Haig Rd bridge in place an taking traffic.