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Poverty Bay women head Interclub field

Poverty Bay won the senior women's division of the Bowls Gisborne-East Coast Interclub competition, played over two days.

They headed a four-strong field, accumulating 12 points and a plus-45 differential.

The winning team comprised — Singles: Lesley Seymour. Pairs: Jan Powell (skip) and Val McGreevy. Fours: Betty Herring (s), Erin Sutherland, Ngawai Turipa and Kathryn Flaugere.

A Kahutia/Wairoa team were runners-up with 10 points and a minus-2 differential.

They comprised — Singles: Marie Wright. Pairs: Glenda Kapene (s) and Ngamiro Allen. Fours: Glenys Whiteman (s), Lucy Shanks, Jo Wroe and Sharon Olsen.

Gisborne were third with 10 points and a minus-3 differential.

They comprised — Singles: Dayvinia Mills. Pairs: Queenie Takurua (s) and Donna Smith. Fours: Carol Hawes (s), Tanya Harrison, Dianne Phillips and Lyn Trueman.

Te Karaka were fourth with four points and a minus-45 differential.

They comprised — Singles: Jasmine Merrick. Pairs: Mere Nepia (s) and Alicia Ruru. Fours: Del Tamanui (s), Janet Baty, Diane Murray and Holli Elkington.

In Round 1, Gisborne beat Te Karaka 22-18 and Poverty Bay beat Kahutia/Wairoa 25-10 in singles.

In pairs, Kahutia/Wairoa beat Te Karaka 14-13 and Poverty Bay beat Gisborne 22-9.

In fours, Poverty Bay beat Te Karaka 19-9 and Kahutia/Wairoa beat Gisborne 17-7.

In Round 2, Kahutia/Wairoa beat Te Karaka 25-24 and Gisborne beat Poverty Bay 25-24 in singles.

In pairs, Poverty Bay beat Te Karaka 13-8 and Gisborne beat Kahutia/Wairoa 21-20.

In fours, Te Karaka beat Gisborne 14-13 and Kahutia/Wairoa beat Poverty Bay 16-12.

In Round 3, Te Karaka beat Poverty Bay 24-21 and Gisborne beat Kahutia/Wairoa 25-22 in singles.

In pairs, Gisborne beat Te Karaka 25-5 and Poverty Bay beat Kahutia/Wairoa 20-8.

In fours, Kahutia/Wairoa beat Te Karaka 22-9 and Poverty Bay beat Gisborne 19-11.

Poverty Bay's senior women's team will compete in the National Interclub Sevens in Wellington in April.

senior women’s interclub champions: Poverty Bay Bowling Club’s winning team were (from left) Val McGreevy, Kathryn Flaugere, Jan Powell, Lesley Seymour, Erin Sutherland, Ngawai Turipa, Betty Herring and Joy Davis.Picture supplied