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Gisborne senior men's division win right to compete in capital

GISBORNE Bowling Club's team headed a five-strong field to win the senior men's division of the Bowls Gisborne-East Coast Interclub competition, played over two days.

They won the right to compete in the National Interclub Sevens in Wellington in April by accumulating 18 points with a plus-69 differential.

Gisborne comprised — Singles: Paul Harrison. Pairs: Charlie Ure (skip) and fourth-year bowler Geoff Pinn. Fours: Malcolm Trowell (s), Steve Goldsbury, Arthur Hawes and Robin Jefferson.

Te Karaka were runners-up with 18 points and a plus-47 differential.

They comprised — Singles: David File. Pairs: July Hoepo (s) and Leighton Shanks. Fours: John Dawson (s), Boon McIlroy, Arthur Baty and William Murray.

Kahutia were third with 10 points and a minus-71 differential.

They comprised — Singles: Andrew Ball. Pairs: Alastair Macpherson (s) and Ray Young. Fours: Murray Murton (s), Frank McLoughlin, Bruce Ball and Joe Wimutu.

Tolaga Bay were fourth with seven points and a minus-15 differential.

They comprised — Singles: Vern Marshall. Pairs: Ben Elkington (s) and George Tamihana. Fours: Mark Bain (s), Mark Walker, Mike Namana and Hone Burema.

Poverty Bay were fifth with seven points and a minus-30 differential.

They comprised — Singles: Steve Berezowski. Pairs: Lex Kennedy (s) and Otto Louw. Fours: John Kora (s), Dave Hooper, Les Whittington and John Andrews.

In Round 1 singles, Gisborne beat Poverty Bay 25-6 and Te Karaka beat Tolaga Bay 21-20.

In pairs, Te Karaka beat Tolaga Bay 22-16 and Kahutia beat Gisborne 17-11.

In fours, Te Karaka beat Tolaga Bay 20-16 and Kahutia beat Poverty Bay 19-14.

In Round 2 singles, Te Karaka beat Kahutia 25-18 and Tolaga Bay beat Gisborne 25-21.

In pairs, Poverty Bay and Tolaga Bay drew 21-all and Te Karaka beat Gisborne 17-14.

In fours, Gisborne beat Kahutia 13-7 and Poverty Bay beat Tolaga Bay 23-11.

In Round 3 singles, Gisborne beat Kahutia 25-12 and Tolaga Bay beat Poverty Bay 25-18.

In pairs, Gisborne beat Tolaga Bay 23-12 and Kahutia beat Poverty Bay 15-11.

In fours, Poverty Bay beat Te Karaka 15-9 and Gisborne beat Tolaga Bay 17-13.

In Round 4 singles, Tolaga Bay beat Kahutia 25-7 and Te Karaka beat Poverty Bay 25-12.

In pairs, Kahutia beat Tolaga Bay 16-15 and Te Karaka beat Poverty Bay 19-17.

In fours, Te Karaka beat Kahutia 20-9 and Gisborne beat Poverty Bay 14-8.

In Round 5 singles, Poverty Bay beat Kahutia 25-9 and Gisborne beat Te Karaka 25-17.

In pairs, Te Karaka beat Kahutia 23-11 and Gisborne beat Poverty Bay 19-11.

In fours, Kahutia beat Tolaga Bay 13-12 and Gisborne beat Te Karaka 17-10.

SENIOR MEN'S INTERCLUB CHAMPIONS: Gisborne Bowling Club’s winning team were (from left) Malcolm Trowell, Geoff Pinn, Robin Jefferson, Steve Goldsbury, Arthur Hawes, Charlie Ure (obscured), Paul Harrison and Bruce Easton. Picture supplied