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Golf Roundup

Electrinet Park

ANTHONY Pahina highlighted eight consecutive days of golf with an excellent 1-over 73-6-66, for 41 points on Saturday.

The round featured birdies on the eighth, ninth, 11th and 12th holes and won him the men’s stableford.

Pahina teed off 2022 with an 81 on January 2 and over the ensuing seven days shot 83, 78, 78, 79, 83, 73 and 77.

Glen “G Mac” McKinnon had his best round since February 2019 to win the men’s stableford on Sunday with 77-11-66, for 42 points.

His efforts thwarted Anaru Reedy who had to settle for second with a 4-under 68-+3-71 for 37 points. Having two twos among this six birdies was a consolation

Sunday — Men’s stableford: G McKinnon 42, A Reedy 37.

Twos: A Reedy 2.

Saturday — Men’s stableford: A Pahina 41.

Twos: P Stewart.

COMING UP: THURSDAYS, Digg It Gizzy twilight; SUNDAY, Gisborne Thistle AFC tournament, start sheet at office.


TOM Brodie and Anahera Stills-Hindmarsh turned up the heat in the first round of the Summer Cup on Sunday.

Brodie, who mixes full rounds with nine holes, broke 80 for the first time in five months and did it easily — 76-11-65 — to head the senior men’s division.

Stills-Hindmarsh also returned net 65 in the women’s net.

Joe Blair’s 68 was best of the junior men.

SUNDAY — Summer Cup, first round, net, senior men: T Brodie 65, E Brown Jr 68, J Brown 70, A Nimmo 70, R Hindmarsh 71.

Junior men: J Blair 68, S Skudder 69, C Brown 69, D Skudder 70, L Jamieson 70.

Women’s net: A Stills-Hindmarsh 65.

Twos: E Brown Jr.

Jackpot: A Haisman.

FRIDAY — Meat pack 9-hole stableford, senior division: D Pohatu 22, P Summersby 22, B Wallace 21, Sel Skudder 20, J Neilson 20.

Junior division: T Sharp 22, D Quinn 21, B Tietjen 20, M Owen 20, D Skudder 19.


VIV Kyle and Clint Albert racked up big points to top the Goodtime Foods open tournament on January 3 . . . and they needed to.

Scoring at the internationally recognised 9-hole links course was hot so it required something special to top the field.

Albert and Kyle provided that with 46-point stableford hauls apiece, fending off the chasing pack.

MONDAY (Jan 3) — Goodtime Foods open tournament, men’s stableford: C Albert 46, A Whaitura 42, M Smith 42, C Wesche 41, B Lewis 40, Wayne Wesche 40, R Bremner 40, U Chambers 39, R Mitchell 39, N Maher 38.

Women’s stableford: V Kyle 46, T Paku 42, Y Diack 42, H McClutchie 42, Maraea Wesche 41, T Duncan 38, F Wesche 38, D.Goldsmith 38, E Wynyard 37, Maria Wesche 37.

Unqualified women: E Wainohu from E Winkler, R Larkworthy.

Unqualified men: M Hawkins from R Davis, C Tumatoroa.

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