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Gisborne Bowling Club’s championship entries low but quality high

JUNIOR WOMEN: Libby Clay (left) and Karen Pinn (skip).Pictures supplied
JUNIOR MEN: Peter Ferris (left) and Peter Clay (skip).
SENIOR WOMEN: Dayvinia Mills (skip) and Diane Oates (right).
SENIOR MEN: Charlie Ure (left) and Boon McIlroy (skip).

BOWLS by Crackerjack

Gisborne Bowling Club’s championship pairs titles have been decided in tournament play on the club’s greens.

Two teams contested the junior women’s competition for those with up to eight years of bowls experience, three contested the junior men’s division, four the senior women’s division and four the senior men’s.

In the junior women’s first round, Karen Pinn (skip) and Libby Clay had a slow start against Joy McFarlane (s) and Nanette Treloar and were 6-0 down after three ends.

On the fourth end, Pinn and Clay took five shots to close it to 6-5.

McFarlane and Treloar tried to stay in front, scoring on the next three ends, before Pinn and Clay took over and won the game 20-12.

In the second round, McFarlane and Treloar led 4-0 after the first four ends but Pinn and Clay bounced back to comfortably win, 18-8. With two lives still intact, Pinn and Clay won the junior women’s club championship pairs.

In the junior men’s first round, Hugh Trafford (s) and Roger Dymock had a good start and after four ends were 5-2 up. Then Peter Clay (s) and Peter Ferris won the next four ends and led 11-5.

Some awesome bowls were played before Trafford and Dymock won the game 14-13.

With one life left, Clay and Ferris faced Don Oates (s) and Ron Robertson in the next round. Oates and Robertson had won the junior men’s club championship pairs for two seasons running.

Oates and Robertson led 7-5 after the first seven ends before Clay and Ferris took over and won the game 18-10.

In the third round, Oates and Robertson were tied 15-all with Trafford and Dymock after 15 ends. Trafford and Dymock scored the winning shot on the last end to win 16-15 and deprive Oates and Robertson of their second life.

Clay and Ferris (one life) faced Trafford and Dymock (two lives) in Round 4 and won 14-11. With both teams having one life left, they had to play another game to determine the winners.

In the final round, Clay and Ferris had a strong start against Trafford and Dymock and led 18-6 after 10 ends. Trafford and Dymock picked up their game and won a few ends to score more shots, but Clay and Ferris continued playing well and won the game 25-14 to secure the junior men’s club championship pairs title.

In the senior women’s section, Dayvinia Mills (s) and Diane Oates beat Queenie Takurua (s) and Emily Hongara 22-15.

Tanya Harrison (s) and Dianne Phillips had a good game against Carol Hawes (s) and Karen Higgins, Harrison and Phillips winning 18-14.

In Round 2, Takurua and Hongara had a strong start against Hawes and Higgins, and led 15-6 after nine ends. Hawes and Higgins scored in the next few ends to close it to 15-11.

Takurua and Hongara kept winning the ends and comfortably beat one-lifers Hawes and Higgins 22-16.

Meanwhile, Harrison and Phillips had a 10-8 lead after 10 ends against Mills and Oates before their scores were levelled 10-all after 11 ends. Mills and Oates continued to win more ends and won the game 17-14, leaving Harrison and Phillips with one life left.

In Round 3, Takurua and Hongara had an interesting battle with Harrison and Phillips. Both had one life left.

After 13 ends, Takurua led 10-6. After 17 ends, Harrison led 12-10, with one end to go. Takurua and Hongara took five shots on the last end to win the game 15-12 and move on to the potential final/final round against two-lifers Mills and Oates.

In the potential final/final round, two-lifers Mills and Oates played some brilliant bowls and comfortably beat Takurua and Hongara 24-7 to take the senior women’s club championship pairs title.

In the senior men’s section, Robin Jefferson (s) and Geoff Pinn had a 15-9 win against Arthur Hawes (s) and Bruce Easton.

Mike Harris (s) and Don Green found it hard going against Boon McIlroy (s) and Charlie Ure. McIlroy and Ure won this game 25-2.

In Round 2, Harris and Green were 7-5 up after seven ends against Hawes and Easton. Then Hawes and Easton rallied and won the game 16-11.

In a game of two-life pairs, McIlroy and Ure took on Jefferson and Pinn. McIlroy won the game 25-8, leaving Jefferson and Pinn with one life.

In Round 3, Jefferson and Pinn comfortably beat Hawes and Easton 19-4.

Jefferson and Pinn then had to face two-lifers McIlroy and Ure in the potential final/final round.

McIlroy and Ure led 12-1 after six ends before Jefferson and Pinn made a comeback and won some ends.

After the 17th end, Jefferson and Pinn were down by only two, at 19-17, which made it an interesting game to watch.

McIlroy and Ure took one shot on the last end to win the game 20-17 with both their lives intact and take the senior men’s club championship pairs title.