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Good music to go with Neilson Triples


A FIELD of 48 enthusiastic bowlers took part in Gisborne Bowling Club’s Doug Neilson Triples.

The tournament, sponsored by Beetham Lifestyle Village, was played with a background of good music, and the bowling wasn’t bad for this early in a Covid-disrupted season.

The winners were Ray Taylor (skip), Erin Sutherland and Don Oates (lead). They had three wins and 25 points.

Second were Andrew Ball (s), Lesley McIntosh and Win Baker (lead), with three wins and a plus-16 differential.

Third were Arthur Hawes (s), Joe Wimutu and Hugh Trafford, with three wins and a plus-14 differential.

Fourth were Mark Bain (s), Kym Brown and Nanette Trelour (lead), with three wins and a plus-five differential.