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Good sportsmanship on display


Badminton Eastland’s Junior Tournament drew 51 entries from local schools and clubs.

Held at the Badminton Centre just before lockdown, the tournament gave many the opportunity to practise before they attended the AIMS games.

However, the Games were cancelled for the second year in a row.

The players in the junior tournament played 140 matches in 13 events, with what the organisers described as “energetic enthusiasm and good sportsmanship”.

Stella Perano dominated the under-19 events, winning both the singles and doubles. The experience of playing in the Waikato under-17 team at a national tournament in Palmerston North in July showed in the improvement in all aspects of her game.

The u13 division had a huge number of entries, and many matches were close.

Players were keen to umpire matches, and these skills also developed during the day.

The organisers were thrilled with the contribution of the volunteers who helped run the event, and with the donation of prizes by Columbine Hosiery.

Parents and caregivers also played their part, transporting and supporting the children.

Results —
Under-13 boys

Singles: Wairua Manuel defeated Hamiora Kino Jack 21-8; Whareretimana Nepia def Kaui Everton 21-5; Isileli Kamoto def Stiaan Van Heerden 21-10; Joseph Te Pairi-Eade def Izaiah Winitana- Nepia 21-12; Tom Paul def Kyrah Nepe 21-12; Zaedys Hughes def Wairua Manuel 21-18; Eli Wright def Souta Preddey 21-7; James McLeod def Maiangi Windybank 21-9; Whareretimana Nepia def Kauri Kennedy-Hogan 21-18; Isileli Kamoto def Benjamin Peneha 21-12; Luke Wright def Joseph Te Pairi-Eade 21-12; Kingston Johnson def Tom Paul 21-11; Robbie Newlands def Jesse Moa 21-14; Eli Wright def Zaedys Hughes 21-13; Whareretimana Nepia def James McLeod 24-22; Isileli Kamoto def Luke Wright 21-13; Robbie Newlands def Kingston Johnson 21-11.

Semifinals: Eli Wright def Whareretimana Nepia 21-11; Robbie Newlands def Isileli Kamoto 21-15.

Final: Eli Wright def Robbie Newlands 21-17.

U13 boys, plate singles: Nepe def Winitana- Nepia 21-15; Moa def Peneha 21-10; Preddey def Everton 21-8; Nepe def Van Heerden 21-13; Kennedy-Hogan def Moa 21-15; Windybank def Kino Jack 21-18; Preddey def Nepe 21-13; Kennedy-Hogan def Windybank 21-10.

Final: K Kennedy-Hogan def S Preddey 21-12.

U13 boys, classic plate singles: Te Pairi-Eade def Manuel 21-17; Hughes def Johnson 21-11; McLeod def Te Pairi-Eade 21-15; Hughes def Wright 21-5.

Final: Z Hughes def J McLeod 21-19.

U13 boys, consolation plate singles: Everton def Peneha 21-16; Kino Jack def Everton 21-16; Van Heerden def Winitana-Nepia 21-16.

Final: S Van Heerden def H Kino Jack 21-19.

U13 girls, singles round robin —

Group A: Satriani Kaui def Ahana Chand 21-11; def Desrae Rule-Keelan 21-10; def Anna Zhu 21-8; def Willow Bolton-Riley 21-3.

Ahana Chand def Desrae Rule-Keelan 21-14; def Anna Zhu 21-18; def Willow Bolton-Riley 21-13.

Desrae Rule-Keelan lost to Anna Zhu 18-21; def Willow Bolton-Riley 21-16.

Anna Zhu lost to Willow Bolton-Riley 24-26.

Group B: Te Ana Bre Waru-Brown def Lhasha Tautau 21-18; def Honey Aupouri 21-13; def D Mizz 21-5.

Lhasha Tautau def Honey Aupouri 21-10; def D Mizz 21-13.

Honey Aupouri def D Mizz 21-18.

Playoffs: L Tautau def S Kaui 21-12; T Waru-Brown def A Chand 21-10.

Final: T Waru-Brown def L Tautau  21-13.

U13 boys, doubles round robin —

Group A: E Wright/Newlands def McLeod/Moa 21-11; def Windybank/Peneha 21-7; def Van Heerden/Te Pairi-Eade 21-3; def Kino Jack/Winitana- Nepia 21-8.

McLeod/Moa lost to Windybank/Peneha 12-21; def Van Heerden/Te Pairi-Eade 21-10; def Kino Jack/Winitana-Nepia 21-5.

Windybank/Peneha lost to Van Heerden/Te Pairi-Eade 21-3; def Kino Jack/Winitana-Nepia 21-17.

Van Heerden/Te Pairi-Eade def Kino Jack/Winitana-Nepia 21-17.

Group B: Johnson/Kennedy-Hogan def Preddey/Standish 22-20, 22-20; def Kamoto/Nepia 21-19; def Hughes/Manuel 21-19; def Everton/Wright 21-11.

Preddey/Standish def Kamoto/Nepia 21-16; lost to Hughes/Manuel 21-14; def Everton/L Wright 21-13.

Kamoto/Nepia def Hughes/Manuel 21-15; def Everton/L Wright 21-11.

Hughes/Manuel def Everton/L Wright 21-9.

Final: E Wright/R Newlands def K Johnson/K Kennedy-Hogan 21-12.

U15 boys, singles round robin —

Group A: Johny Gray def Tiare Davoren 21-14, 21-11; def River Hooper 21-11, 21-14; def Preston Olsen 21-4, 21-12.

Tiare Davoren def River Hooper 21-13, def Preston Olsen 21-11, 21-12.

River Hooper def Preston Olsen 21-16, 21-9.

Group B: Tony Zhu def Noah Wright 20-22, 24-22, 21-7; def Achilles Kaui 21-23, 21-10, 21-18; def Juan Hale-Marino 21-8, 21-6.

Noah Wright def Achilles Kaui 21-11, 21-13; def Juan Hale-Marino 21-13, 21-18.

Achilles Kaui def Juan Hale-Marino 13-21, 21-17, 21-12.

U15 boys, singles playoffs —

Positions 1-4, semifinals: Gray def N Wright 14-21, 21-19; Davoren def T Zhu 21-16, 19-21, 21-14.

Final: Johny Gray def Tiare Davoren 22-20, 21-19.

Positions 5-8, semifinals: Hooper def Hale-Marino 21-13, 21-14; Kaui def Olsen 21-16, 21-11.

Final: River Hooper def Achilles Kaui 21-16, 21-13.

U15 boys, singles — Winner: Johny Gray. Runner-up: Tiare Davoren.

U15 girls

Singles round robin: M Ngarimu-Tuhaka def Manaia Windybank 12-21, 21-14, 21-16; def M Standish 21-13, 21-9; def E Davidson 21-11, 21-7.

Manaia Windybank def M Standish 21-16, 21-12; lost to E Davidson 21-19, 18-21, 23-25.

M Standish def E Davidson 21-14, 21-18.

U15 girls, singles — Winner: Merekaraka Ngarimu-Tuhaka. Runner-up: Manaia Windybank.

U15 doubles, round robin: J Gray/T Zhu def A Kaui/N Wright 25-23, 21-17; def T Davoren/J Hale-Marino 21-16, 21-14; def R Hooper/P Olsen 21-8, 23-21.

A Kaui/N Wright def T Davoren/J Hale-Marino 21-15, 22-20; def R Hooper/P Olsen 21-16, 21-11.

T Davoren/J Hale-Marino def R Hooper/P Olsen 23-21, 21-18.

Winner: Johny Gray/Tony Zhu. Runner-up: Tiare Davoren/Juan Hale-Marino.

Combined u15/u13 girls, doubles round robin —

Group A: M Ngarimu-Tuhaka/M Windybank def D Rule-Keelan/A Zhu 21-8; def H Aupouri/A Chand 21-4.

D Rule-Keelan/A Zhu def H Aupouri/A Chand 30-21.

Group B: L Tautau/T Waru-Brown def S Kaui/D Mizz 21-12; def J Matai/N Warburton 21-13; def W Bolton-Riley/K Nepe 21-14.

S Kaui/D Mizz def J Matai/N Warburton 21-19; def W Bolton-Riley/K Nepe 21-11.

J Matai/N Warburton def W Bolton-Riley/K Nepe 21-7.

Final: M Ngarimu-Tuhaka/M Windybank def L Tautau/T Waru-Brown 21-16.

U19 singles round robin —

Group A: Omahia Harrington def Riva Habib 21-3, 21-9; def Kapohanga Ngarimu-Tuhaka 21-5, 21-4; def Ellie Davidson 21-1, 21-6.

Riva Habib def Kapohanga Ngarimu-Tuhaka 21-5, 21-6; def Ellie Davidson (wallkover).

Kapohanga Ngarimu-Tuhaka 21-5, 21-6; lost to Ellie Davidson 21-13, 21-12.

Group B: Stella Perano def Allies Rangihuna 21-9, 21-10; def Tumanako McGhie 21-8, 21-9; def Ayla-Joe Stender 21-3, 21-5.

Allies Rangihuna def Tumanako McGhie 21-17, 22-24, 21-17; def Ayla-Joe Stender (wallkover).

Tumanako McGhie def Ayla-Joe Stender (wallkover).

U19 singles playoffs: O Harrington def A Rangihuna 21-13, 15-21, 21-17.

Stella Perano def R Riva Habib 21-10, 21-4.

Final: Stella Perano def O Harrington 21-12, 21-13.

U19 doubles round robin: Stella Perano/Riva Habib def Allies Rangihuna/Omahia Harrington 21-13 21-10; def Tumanako McGhie/Ellie Davidson 21-7, 21-6.

Allies Rangihuna/ Omahia Harrington def Tumanako McGhie/Ellie Davidson 21-10, 22-20.

Winners: Stella Perano/Riva Habib. Runners-up: Allies Rangihuna/Omahia Harrington.