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Another loss for champs


Defending premier netball champions YMP suffered their second defeat in a row on Saturday, this time at the hands of High School Old Girls.

The match was again decided by a substantial margin.

In the previous weekend’s Pak’nSave Gisborne netball, YMP Sunshine Brewery lost to Claydens Waikohu by nine goals.

F45 High School Old Girls produced a dominant first quarter to lead 11-nil after 10 minutes, and extended to 21-7 at half time.

It was 26-16 at three-quarter time, and HSOG won it 31-22.

“YMP were without shooter and captain Paku-Jane Skudder and the result really showed their reliance on her as their anchor,” said netball centre manager Allisa Hall.

“With her playing they took a long time to settle into the game and HSOG took advantage of that with a dominant first quarter, and strong defence, holding YMP scoreless for the first spell.

“Bronya McMennamin was moved into the shooting end at half time and that paid off for YMP, who actually won the second half, but the deficit from the start was too big to close.

“High School Old Girls were happy to take the win and add another four points to their tally.”

However, in the second match of the morning F45 HSOG were only just able to hang on against Horouta Gold.

Horouta had the early ascendancy in the match and led 9-5 at the end of the first quarter, then 19-13 at halftime.

High School Old Girls ate away at the Horouta lead and it was 25-21 at three-quarter time.

It came down to the final minutes and HSOG nudged ahead to win 28-27.

“This was an exciting match with Horouta Gold taking an early lead and extending it during the first half of the game,” Hall said.

“HSOG came back at the girls in gold in the third quarter to close the deficit. In the close final spell Horouta could be forgiven for thinking they were about to pick up their first win of the season.

“But the girls in blue snatched the victory to seal the win and Horouta picked up a bonus point to get on the board.”

HSOG player-coach Alex Sinclair said the win over YMP was a satisfying one.

“We were hungry for a win on Saturday, Everyone came together and worked together as a team.

In the Horouta game HSOG used their reserve players.

“Horouta were hungry for a win too, and I think our girls under-estimated them,” Sinclair said.

“But we got the win and the maximum points from both games was definitely pleasing”.

In the other matches Ritana Snr A were overpowered by Gillies Electrical GGHS Snr A 39-18.

Girls High were up 11-4 after 10 minutes, 18-8 after 20 minutes, 29-15 after 30.

“This is usually pegged as a tight tussle between the schools, but GGHS showed dominance from the opening whistle,” Hall said.

“They deserved the win and the four further points to secure them from the upcoming challenge (promotion/relegation) round.”

Whangara OG 1 and Claydens Waikohu 1 fought out what was tipped to be the game of the round.

“Waikohu were up 10-7 after 10 minutes, then it was 17-all at half time,” Hall said.

Whangara turned the tables in the third quarter to lead 28-24, then they went on to win it 41-31.

“This was pegged to be the match of that day, and it was exactly that.

“Both teams played a strong game.

“The third quarter was still close with the lead changing but Whangara hit the front.

“They kept applying defensive pressure and finished strong to take the win and move into the final week of the round as the only unbeaten team.”

The premier points in grading to this point are: Whangara 20, Claydens Waikohu 1 16, F45 HSOG 13, YMP Sunshine Brewery 12, Gillies Electrical GGHS 8, Horouta Gold 1, Ritana Snr A 0.

Other results — Premier Reserve: Claydens Waikohu (3) 24 Taiki 21, OG Whangara 31 YMP Masters 21, Tatapouri Sportsfit 14 Tapuae 43.

A Grade: Horouta Taimana 38 Farmlands Ngatapa 35, FarmCare HSOG 38 YMP (2) 36, McLeods Concrete HSOG 36 Whalis 30.

A Reserve: Steve Craill Builder Ngatapa 39 GGHS Korihi 13, Campion Snr A 51 Tatapouri Sportsfit (2) 15, Claydens Waikohu (2) 39 GGHS Snr B 17.

First Grade: GGHS Jnr A 24 NZHL Thistle Storm 20, OBM Blue 32 Gis Glass Ngatapa 42, Tyre General Ngatapa 23 Uawa Ngarangikahiwa 21.

First Reserve: Kotahi Aroha 20 Tatapouri Sportsfit Social 25, XLR8 18 Zeafruit Ngatapa 32.

Second Grade: Thistle Phoenix 18 YMP Manawanui 34, Claydens Waikohu (4) 24 Uawa Kahukuraiti 32.

In a tough game at Victoria Domain on Saturday, High School Old Girls just managed to beat Hourota Gold to the post, after Horouta took a good lead in the first half. In a nail-biting finish, HSOG pushed ahead to win by one goal. Here Ngahuria Akania from Gold looks for her next move ahead of Kelly Wood from HSOG. Picture by Liam Clayton