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On the street

What do you think of the council's proposal to reduce the speed limit to 30-40km/h in the city centre?

Kiana Williams: 'I don't mind if it's reduced.'
Peace Davis: 'That'd be all good. Because it's all claustrophobic in town — the way the roads are spaced — so it'd be a bit more convenient.
Kay Stiven: 'It's a yes from me because I guess it just makes it safer. Especially for cars trying to reverse park and people crossing the road.'
Jenna Clough: 'I think it's fine what they are doing.'
Billy Bronlund: 'I don't think it needs to be done. People are driving slow enough with cars going less than 50kmh anyway. But if it's early in the morning and there is no traffic you should be able to go 50 kmh. Leave it as it is.
Mark Phillips: 'Yeah I think the speed limit should definitely be reduced.'
Dick Black: 'I think it's important for the speed limit within city boundary to be 40kmh and roundabouts should be a maximum 15kmh.
Kristina Collier-Morgan: 'During the day it's a good time because there are people especially children and the elderly crossing the roads. But in the night time they can make it normal. That's what I think.
Carol Watson: 'Yes, I think it's a good idea. I think everyone goes too fast and they need to slow down especially around our schools and our pedestrian crossings for our elderly and disabled people.
Tylah Elliott: 'I think it's appropriate in the city centres and around the schools obviously. Maybe like certain times when you have school kids around. 50kmh is actually very fast for the city. So I would say it's OK.

  1. Dread man says:

    Good idea – think about kids who sometimes get excited when in town, crossing the road without looking.