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Woken by firefighters as smoke filled Huxley Road house

SLEEPING residents came within minutes of being overcome by smoke after a pot overheated on a stove in a Huxley Road house early this morning.

Fire and Emergency NZ were alerted by a neighbour to the Kaiti address at around 1.45am.

“The neighbour heard smoke alarms inside the house going off and immediately called 111,” a senior firefighter said.

“We could smell smoke when we arrived.”

The firefighters could not rouse the people in the house and gained access through a window.

“We found the two occupants of the home still sleeping so we woke them up and got them outside.”

The fire crew found the smoke build-up had come from the kitchen.

“A pot of rice had been left cooking on the stove and had overheated,” the senior firefighter said.

“I would say the two residents were maybe five minutes away from being overcome by the smoke.

“They were lucky the neighbour heard the smoke alarms going off.

“As it was, they were OK and had not suffered any smoke inhalation effects.”

The pot of rice was taken outside and the fire crew ventilated the house to remove the smoke build-up.

“It was good the home had working smoke alarms. Otherwise the outcome could have been different.

“Thanks to the quick actions of the alert neighbour,” the firefighter said.

■ Fire and Emergency NZ sent crews to Argyll Street in Mangapapa at around 3.30pm yesterday after a power pole caught fire.

The power cable insulation was alight and burning,” a senior firefighter said.

“Once the power had been isolated we used dry powder to put the fire out.”

Eastland Network said this morning it was a high voltage cable that caught fire, and it affected about 30 customers in the Hospital Hill area.

“From the time the issue was reported, it took just 40 minutes for the team to isolate the fault and restore power with the installation of a generator,” a Network spokeswoman said.

“There will be a very brief outage this afternoon while the generator is removed and the repairs are safely completed.”