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Unique species of shellfish found at Wainui Beach

BLISTERING BARNACLES: Keen photographer and GDC scientist Dr Murry Cave found this unique species of shellfish last weekend at Wainui Beach. NIWA aquaculture and biotechnology chief scientist Andrew Forsythe says, 'The species of shellfish you have found are most probably the Pelagic Gooseneck Barnacle (Lepas anatifera).' These species can be found in clusters in warmer seas in tropical and subtropical regions on flotsam (any wreckage/debris) that has been at sea for some time — ranging from plastic crates to driftwood to pumice. They're said to cling to rocks in places that have a strong crashing surf. In Spain and Portugal they're considered a rare and wonderful delicacy, thanks to their sweet flesh, which tastes a bit like a cross between lobster and clam. Picture by Murry Cave