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MetService warns to stay away from East Coast beaches

East Coast residents have been warned to stay off beaches, with strong currents and surges expected following a large volcanic eruption at Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha'pai in Tonga.

The MetServiced issued a nationwide advisory this morning.

People in or near the sea should move out of the water, off beaches and shore areas and away from harbours, rivers and estuaries until the Advisory is cancelled.

There is no need to evacuate.

More hazardous sea conditions are expected for eastern coastlines of the North Island from today through Tuesday, as Cylone Cody moves along the eastern side of New Zealand

"Significant sea surges, rip currents and coastal inundation are possible," the MetService said.

A strong wind watch is also in place, with potential gales forecast from 3am Monday, north of Tolaga Bay.