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On the street

“What was the highlight of your Christmas holidays?”
Sue Read Jones: 'Water skiing at Lake Taupo.'
Raffaele Colucci: Going to the pictures and watching the Spider-Man movie.
Niko Akuhata-Brown: 'Spending time with my family. My sister is here from Wellington. We had a happy and lovely, quiet time.'
Janette Tait: 'Hanging out with friends.'
Gypsy Rose Moeke: 'Spending time with my family.'
Dayna Green: 'Fishing, going on Dad's boat and not going to work.'
Chantel Coy: 'Being out of lock-down in Auckland and seeing family in Gisborne.'
Bree Tait: 'Boxing Day sales.'
Ariana Houlihan: 'My sister came up from Napier. I hadn't seen her for a while.'
Andrea Probst: 'Being with my children in Gisborne.'