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'Speculation inaccurate'

CARBON CLAIM ‘INACCURATE': The successful tenderers for the sale of Huiarua Station and Matanui Station on the East Coast have said they do not intend to put the properties into permanent carbon farming. Bayleys rural real estate agent Simon Bousfield said yesterday speculation that the farms were being purchased for permanent carbon farming was “inaccurate”. It has still not been made clear if the potential new owners were foreign buyers and Mr Bousfield could not comment further at this stage. There has been no confirmation from the Overseas Investment Office that a consent application for the sale has been received. If overseas buyers were involved, OIO approval would be required. The two properties inland from Tolaga and Tokomaru bays at this stage remain sheep and beef operations and the Government has been called on to intervene in the sale process to ensure they stay that way.

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  1. Lorraine Griffin says:

    We can only hope the stations will continue to produce food and the owners not subsidised to plant pines that will never be harvested

  2. Clive Bibby says:

    The last sentence in this report is interesting more for the things it doesn’t say compared to the few vague comments it does.
    Given the remarks attributed to Minister Nash after the publication of Murray Robertson’s excellent piece, l would assume that all hell has broken out in Wellington with instruction being given to find a way that allows this sale to proceed that doesn’t involve sending it to the OIO.
    My guess is that the successful tenderers, if they are foreign, will be required to form a coalition with a resident NZ company that will ensure their involvement in the purchase does not contravene the overseas investment guidelines.
    From the snippets of information gleaned from the above article, we might also assume that the sale will proceed based on stated intention to continue farming as a livestock unit and sometime down the track a decision will be made to convert the whole or part of the properties to carbon farming. Politicians have a habit of saving face when things look like turning to custard.
    We’ll have to wait and see.