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Loving summer at Mahia

HOT weather, warm, beautiful blue waters and the desire to relax away from the world of Covid-19 make for great holiday times at Mahia.

Mahia Beach Motel & Holiday Park co-manager Corrie Botham said the above factors were helping the holiday camp to have the best summer in some years.

It was a beautiful 29-degree day when the Herald visited yesterday.

Mr Botham estimated the camp had hosted between 1100 and 1200 holidaymakers since December 20 and bookings for the rest of January looked good.

“We're flat out between 6.30am and 9.30pm.”

He said people wanted to escape Covid.

“They just want to get away.”

They were close to capacity but still had room for “walk-in” customers.

On the two previous days there were 20 and 27 new bookings respectively but there were also 16 and 11 “walk-ins”.

“It's just crazy.”

Co-manager Mienic Botham said some people had returned home, but a second wave of holidaymakers were arriving.

Their customers came from Auckland, Hamilton, Hawke's Bay and Gisborne. The Herald found most people, as in previous trips to Mahia, were regular Christmas holiday visitors to the area.

Madeline Double and Elliot Ladkin from Hawke's Bay, said their family had a bach in the area.

“We come here every Christmas and do lots of swimming,” said Madeline.

Blake, Poppy and Sofia Sampson, from Havelock North, were having fun in the sea with their mother when the Herald arrived.

Their family also has a bach at Mahia.

“The kids just love it,” said their mother.

Annabel Elmsly and daughter Sarah Gunn are that rare thing, first-time visitors to Mahia.

The Hawke's Bay family were staying in the holiday camp with friends who had decided to go on a day trip to Gisborne.

“We do a lot of reading and use our friends' boat,” said Annabell.

Several of the holidaymakers remarked that they were enjoying the warm Mahia waters.

That is a trend noticeable all over the country which scientists have attributed to a marine heatwave cause by La Niña with frequent sub-tropical, northeasterly winds which keeps colder, subsurface ocean waters from getting mixed up to the surface.

SUMMER BLISS: Blake (left), Poppy and Sofia Sampson from Havelock North know to keep protected from the sun as they enjoy their annual Christmas holiday in the sun at Mahia.
BOOKS AND BOATING: First-time visitors to Mahia Annabel Elmsly and Sarah Gunn, from Hawke's Bay, catch up on their reading at Mahia Beach Motel & Holiday Park.
NO SHOW WITHOUT PUNCH: Mavis enjoys the Mahia Beach foreshore as much as as owners Madeline Double and Elliot Ladkin. All pictures by Rebecca Grunwell
THOSE LAZY, HAZY, CRAZY DAYS OF SUMMER: Harper (left)and mum Rosa Scott of Hawke's Bay and Star Williams of Gisborne love the hot weather and the warm waters of Mahia during their classic Kiwi summer holiday.