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Tolaga Bay

BJ SIDNEY and Patutahi combo Chris Beattie and Jandy Winiata were the big winners at another successful Tolaga Bay Christmas tournament on Sunday.

Home-course player Sidney was in sensational form in winning the men's stableford with 81-23-58, for 46 points — seven points clear of runner-up and clubmate Joe Sheridan.

Beattie and Winiata racked up 42 points in the mixed pairs stableford, with locals Trent Higgs and Alvie Hale second on 40 and Electrinet Park members Lionel and Min Vette third on 38.

SUNDAY — Tolaga Bay Christmas tournament, Canadian mixed pairs stableford: C Beattie/J Winiata 42, T Higgs/A Hale 40, L and M Vette 38 from P and I Ngarimu, K Tamanui/A Tamanui-Nunn, Taine Lincoln/G Watts, T and S Sweeney.

Men's stableford: BJ Sidney 46, J Sheridan 39, C Taylor 38, Tere Lincoln 38, W Yates 38 from P Stevenson, C Christophers, D Maitai, J Miratana, T Donovan, G Brown, J Hale, S Te Rito, T Akroyd, P Stewart, N Hansen, J Devery.

Men's long drives: E Brown Jr, C Taylor.

Women's long drive: M Love.

Men's approaches: P Stewart, J Sheridan.

Women's approach: E Wynyard.

Poverty Bay

ALLAN White looked behind him after a fine shot into the 18th hole on Sunday and asked “where has this guy been?”

By “this guy” Whitey was referring to himself and a return to form that has reaped him two division 1 men's stableford wins in two weeks, to go along with a solid Thursday effort last week.

White missed just one fairway in his 76-7-69, for 39 points, on Sunday, following up the previous Sunday's 40 points and a runner-up 36 on Thursday.

Stefan Andreassen warmed up for New Zealand veterans' tournament on the Bay course next week with two impressive scores over the weekend.

They weren't enough to win the pro's competitions but his even-par 72 off the stick on Sunday followed by 73 on Sunday should have injected a good dose of confidence for the men's top division of the New Zealand 66th National Veteran Championship from December 6-10.

Andreassen's Saturday round — 72-4-68 — put him equal top with Dave Mettrick (86-18-68) after round 1 of the Summer Cup men's net series.

The NZ Vets' field has been reduced to 100 players due to the shift to the Covid-19 Protection Framework (traffic lights system) on Friday.

The Primo Cup men's and women's finals are the first tournament to be held under the red restrictions which require players to have a Vaccine Pass to play in the tournament and attend the prizegiving in the clubhouse.

Among those in the field are “Thursday School” regulars Bill Allen and Glenn Morley.

Allen shot his best score of 2021 — 84-18-66 for 42 stableford points — a couple of Thursdays ago while Morley goes in as the winner of the best average stableford of the Thursday School weekly players for the year.

Over the past couple of weeks there have also been notable rounds from Lee “Pikey” Hewson (40pts), Garth Marchbank (41), Bill Simpson (40) and Jim McGregor (40).

WEDNESDAY — Twilight 9-hole stableford, men: B Talbot 22, J Blair 22, C Christophers 21, T Williams 21, B Williams 20, A Hayward 20 on c/b.

Women: S Eriksen 22, M Francois 22.

SUNDAY — Men's stableford, division 1: A White 39, B Colbert 39, W Mortleman 39, A Hayward 38, S Andreassen 38, M Callaghan 38, C Taewa 38, N Richardson 36.

Division 2: L Hewson 40, J Kerekere 39, L Pollitt 38, G Marchbank 37, N Jones 36.

Twos: A White, J Situ, M Jefferson.

SATURDAY — Summer Cup men's net, round 1: D Mettrick 68, S.Andreassen 68, J Situ 69, R Foon 70, D Grant 71, A Baldwin 71.

Twos: S Andreassen, R Veall.

Thursday (Nov 25) — Men's stableford, division 1: P Butler 38, A White 36, T Goldsmith 36, C Poole 35, M Jefferson 35.

Division 2: B Simpson 40, C Christie 37, M Mulrooney 37, P Humphreys 37, M Higham 37, D Bush 37.

Twos: W Mortleman, I Murphy, G Clapham, A White.

Sunday (Nov 21) — Men's stableford, division 1: A White 40, N Richardson 39, B Brown 37, W Mortleman 37, J Situ 37.

Division 2: G Marchbank 41, D Hall 36, R Young 36, P Grogan 36.

Twos: A White, B Morgan.

Saturday (Nov 20) — Men's stableford, division 1: G Morley 37, P Clayton 36, S Andreassen 35, C Christie 35.

Division 2: J McGregor 40, B Simpson 39, H Woollett 36.

Twos: P Hakiwai, J Jenner, C Christie, P Clayton.

Thursday (Nov 18) — Men's stableford: G Morley 40, P Clayton 38, A Abrahams 37, C Dean 37, C Poole 37.

Division 2: B Allen 42, J Aitchison 39, Robert Fletcher 39, D Atkins 38.

Twos: M Thomas, T Goldsmith, I Murphy, G Morley, B Allen.


TWO twos highlighted John Neilson's senior men's net-winning performance on Sunday.

Neilson won with 76-12-64 but had to share the jackpot with Ashley Hindmarsh.

Lindsay Jamieson was also in good touch on his way to winning the junior division net with 85-20-65.

Denise Johnston's consistent display deserved a sub-80 score. She settled for 80-12-68 — the result of nine pars, nine bogeys — which won her the women's net.

TUESDAY — Women's net: K McLatchie 92-28-64, S Robertson 86-15-71, M Philip 100-29-71.

SUNDAY — Men's net, senior division: J Neilson 64, P Johnston 66, H Harris 67.

Junior division: L Jamieson 65, M Smith 67, S Pittar 67.

Women's net: D Johnston 68.

Twos: J Neilson 2, A Hindmarsh, M Smith, A Nimmo.

Jackpot: J Neilson, A Hindmarsh.

FRIDAY — Meat pack 9-hole stableford, senior division: G Brown 20, T Hindmarsh 20, Skylah Pohatu 20, P Summersby 20, B Wallace 20.

Junior division: C Brown 22, T Coutts 20, G Maude 20, H Pomana 10, W Bruce 19.


AUDREY Tamanui-Nunn enjoyed an alternative Waikohu course to the tune of 43 points in the Christmas Cheer tournament on Saturday.

Tamanui-Nunn dominated the women's division while Aaron Coker's 42 points made him a clearcut winner of the men's stableford.

SATURDAY — Waikohu Christmas Cheers stableford (alternative course), women: A Tamanui-Nunn 43, B Walker 37, H Pomana 35, V Grace 34, C Te Rito 34.

Men: A Coker 42, E Brown Jr 38, H Maxwell 38, T Smith 38, U Chambers 37, Taine Lincoln 34, M Loveridge 34, G Holland 34.

Twos: E Wynyard, H Pomana, K Ruru, U Chambers, T Smith, C Beattie, T Green.

Long drives: J Winiata, T Donovan, A Coker.

Approaches: H Pomana, K Ruru, U Chambers.

COMING UP: SUNDAY, no club competition; SUNDAY, Dec 12, AGM at 10am followed by club competition.

Electrinet Park

THE field is all but full for the Electrinet Park Christmas tournament to be held under the Covid-19 Protection Framework red restrictions on Sunday.

As of yesterday, only four spots were left.

Having consulted with Gisborne District Council, the tournament will have requirements in place.

Unvaccinated players can play in the tournament but cannot enter the clubrooms.

Those who are vaccinated, must have their Vaccine Pass ready for verification when paying their entry.

There is a maximum limit of 100 people in the clubroom.

Players are advised to read the new traffic light protocols on the noticeboard.

The course will be closed for green fee players until after 1pm.

Sunday — Men's stableford: J Witika 37, G Hill 34, A Reedy 34.

Twos: P Wellard.

Women's stableford: S Paku 33.

SATURDAY — Men's net: R Walford 70, B Reynolds 75.

SUNDAY (Nov 21) — Women's stableford: C Pipi 41.

The Electrinet Park Christmas tournament is on SUNDAY. The draw is — No.1 tee, 7.44: J Foot, J MacKinnon, T Aramakutu, R Taiapa. 7.52: R Kelso, P Koorey, M Bremner, W Brown.

8am: T Reynolds, D Rameka, T Montgomery, N Kitchin. 8.08: C Uili, J Taylor, S Nepe, P Wellard. 8.16: C Pipi, T Ford, Ri, J Muir. 8.24: S Paku, P Johansen, R Walford, D Webb. 8.32: B Walker, J Kerr, W Morrissey, M Marino. 8.40: A Drake, G Cranfield, K Fenn, K Treweek. 8.48: J Akuhata-Nickerson, K Papuni, G Nickerson, D Te Maro. 8.56: R Moore, A Reedy, A Pahina, S Pahina.

9.04: M Henwood, C Christophers, M Christophers, D Gray. 9.12: C Nepe 4. 9.20: P Nepia, R Taylor, S Peneha, P Stewart. 9.28: P Tamatea, R Walford, D Collier, B Cameron. 9.36: C Brown, E Parkin, H Schreiber, R Grace. 9.44: D Boyle, Z Boyle, D Gregory, T File. 9.52: Z Rolls, S Rolls, L Brown, J McCafferty.

10am: J White, K White, L Vette, M Vette. 10.08: P Rickard, A White, L Pollitt, L Lexmond. 10.16: G Marchbank, B Morgan, M Norman, P Grogan. 10.24: R Gibson, B Brown, C Carmody, D Meadows. 10.32: C Taewa, G Morley, J Van Helden, R Chalmers. 10.40: L Hewson, K Travers, D Pirimona, N Jones. 10.48: C Simpson, D Hall, A Putman, S Jeune. 10.56: B Morrissey, M Barker, P Goodwin, J Situ.

11.04: D Robertson, A Baldwin, R Brott, M Karalus. 11.12: Available. 11.20: S Phillips, J Witika, J Coppen, J Jenkins. 11.28: B Pohatu, C Taylor, D Gordon, G Watson. 11.36: G Hill, T Hill, Mike, G McKinnon. 11.44: T Akroyd 4. 11.52: T Akroyd 4. 12 noon: T Sweeney, S Sweeney, M Watts, G Watts. 12.08: Taine Lincoln, BJ Sidney, B Yates, J Sheridan. 12.16: M Yates, T Adamson, S Cranswick, T Green.


MIKE Bird added to Wairoa's successful history at the Fiordland Lobster Company Mahia men's open tournament.

Bird won the coveted overall 36-hole net title, despite having a 10 on the par-5 17th hole in round 2.

He finished with a net score of 138 off a 20-handicap.

Bird was also a member of the winning team of four for the Saturday round.

Joe Tihore's 141 (69, 72) won the Charlie Austin Trophy for best local.

Pete Bremner was in a class of his own in posting the best gross 145 (74, 71) although he ended up getting runner-up in the senior net — the better prize.

SATURDAY/SUNDAY — Fiordland Lobster Company Mahia men's open, 36-hole net: M Bird.

Charlie Austin Trophy for best local: J Tihore.

Senior division, 36-hole net: A Whatuira from P Bremner.

36-hole gross: W Brown from B Eaglesome.

36-hole stableford: M Stevens from D White.

18-hole stableford: T Goldsmith.

18-hole net: T Sweeney.

Intermediate division, 36-hole net: L Foster from K Goldsmith.

36-hole gross: T Adamson from R Bremner.

36-hole stableford: D Mettrick from B Pohatu.

18-hole stableford: D Waihaki.

18-hole net: N Jones.

Junior division, 36-hole net: J Humphries from W Thompson.

36-hole gross: J Ash from G Hornblow.

36-hole stableford: J Davidson from W Albert.

18-hole stableford: J Sheridan.

18-hole net: I Parker.

Team of four winners: M Bird, T Bird, J Humphries, I Parker.

Team of two winners: J Ash, W Thompson.

Saturday long drives: E Brown Jr (sr), M Lunny (int), S Eder (jr).

Sunday long drives: Wade Wesche (sr), T Adamson (int), BJ Sidney (jr).

Saturday approaches: B Morrissey (sr), M Bird (int), J Te Amo (jr).

Sunday approaches: T Green (sr), J Aitchison (int), J Te Amo (jr).