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Fun run and a bit of Scotland in Gisborne

Te Hapara School students had a ball at their fun run.

The youngsters had to negotiate a range of obstacles — from a slippery mat to hay bales to a cargo net and even a moon hopper challenge.

The paddling pools proved popular, with many showing their swan dive skills.

A couple of days later a bit of Scottish culture was on display as around 20 dancers hit the Showgrounds Park stage for the Poverty Bay & East Coast Piping and Dancing Association competition.

Highland dancing has been a longstanding tradition at the Poverty Bay A&P Show but with this year's Show cancelled, the dancers missed out on what is always an enjoyable event.

They were rapt to get back onstage and the entrants included a few outsiders.

ARMS UP, EYES FRONT: Riarna Rickard shows in the under14 restricted sword dance. Picture by Paul Rickard
ON THE SPOT: Miah Somerton performs a highland fling at the Poverty Bay and East Coast Piping and Dancing Association competition at Showgrounds Park. The fling is thought to have originally been a victory dance peformed by a male after battle. One of the aims of the dancer is to stay on the same spot while dancing. Picture by Paul Rickard
CAREFULLY DOES IT: Amelie Saunders takes part in one of the best-known of all Highland dances — the sword dance, which cates back to as early as the 15th century.Picture by Paul Rickard
OVER THE MOON: Tami-kaa Carswell and Natayah Renata race each other on moon hoppers.
IT'S ALL IN THE WAY YOU HOLD YOUR ARMS: Honor Maraki-Grace keeps his balance as he exits a paddling pool.
Te Hapara Fun Run - Christian Matahiki
LEADING THE WAY: Lepolo Talakai is all business as he completes the cargo net and moves on to the next obstacle.
Te Hapara Fun Run - Samira Kydyrbaeva
UP AND EASILY OVER: Caius Paiti flies over the hay bales and towards the next challenge in Te Hapara School's fun run.
LET'S BOUNCE: Jahvayis Williams shows her skill on a moon hopper during Te Hapara School's fun run.
SLIP SLIDING AWAY: Madison Houkamau gets a soaping as she flies along the slippery mat.
UNDER AND OUT: Passion Westrupp emerges from under the cargo net.
FUN RUN: Jayden Parsons and Kruize Eparaima slide across the slippery mat — one of the many obstacles Te Hapara School students had to get through in their fun run afternoon.