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New CBD parking meters a challenge for some

Gisborne's parking wardens have been helping people get to grips with the new parking meters in the CBD.

“We have had one or two people say to us the new parking meters are difficult to use,” said GDC parking team leader Ross Hannam.

“When that happens we send a warden to help them and show them step by step how it to use them.”

The parking wardens have been checking on parking fee compliance since Monday.

Parking in the CBD has been free since the August Covid lockdown.

Mr Hannam said since parking payment returned on Monday, “people seem to be paying”.

The Herald had heard from a few people who have found the new parking machines difficult to negotiate.

One man said it took him three goes to input his car registration number and work through the various steps to pay for his parking.

“Once I got the hang of it though it was a piece of cake.”

Another said he found the instructions on the parking machines hard to see, and to follow.

Another said it took a lot more time to complete a parking transaction than previously with the old parking meters.

“It was so much simpler then, and less time consuming, when you only had to slip a coin or two into the meter.”

Parking remains free of charge in the CBD on Saturdays.

  1. Perry Anderson says:

    The Gisborne District Council, need I say more?