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Love At First Insight: Rocket Lab’s next mission

Rocket Lab will aim to launch its next mission from Mahia on Wednesday.

The mission, called Love At First Insight, was scheduled to lift off from Launch Complex 1 in Mahia during a 14-day launch window that opened on November 11.

However, it was delayed due to an “abundance of caution” due to an “out-of-family” ground sensor and to allow more time to complete helicopter recovery preparations.

The mission's primary objective is to deploy two Earth-observation satellites for global monitoring company BlackSky, with the secondary objective to splash down and recover Electron's first stage to further validate Rocket Lab's recovery operations and hardware.

The Love At First Insight mission will also feature new recovery hardware developments to Electron, including an advanced parachute to be deployed from the first stage at a higher altitude, allowing for a slower drift back to Earth to test communications and tracking for future aerial recovery.