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Port activities back to normal as backlog cleared

AFTER two months of delays Eastland Port has finally been able to clear the backlog of ships that at one stage saw more than 12 log ships at anchor off Gisborne waiting to load.

The backlog started to build up in early July.

“Business at the port is back to normal and the backlog of ships has been cleared,” the port announced this morning.

Just two ships were waiting in the Bay this morning and one berthed at wharf 8.

“That's a stark contrast to early July when there were over a dozen ships anchored in the bay.” a port spokesperson said.

Since early July, 26 ships have been loaded and sent on their way.

“The port will be keeping the new initiatives introduced during this period, as those initiatives have considerably improved ship throughput and load rates.

“This will be particularly important as the port goes down to a single berth while Wharf 7 is rebuilt, which is scheduled to commence this summer.”

BACKLOG CLEARED: The log vessel Whistler was loading this morning before sailing later today. The familar sight of ships anchored off the coast over the past two months has come to an end with Eastland Port clearing the backlog of shipping. Picture by Liam Clayton