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Auckland ‘doing the hard yards’ says Mayor

MAYOR Rehette Stoltz asks Tairawhiti residents to “keep up the good work and follow Delta Level 2 regulations closely.”

The mayor was speaking after Government yesterday decided to make no changes to Covid-19 alerts levels.

Tairawhiti and all other parts of the country outside Auckland remain at Level 2 in a decision anticipated by Covid experts.

“It is great to see people around our region wearing their masks, scanning and observing social distancing when out and about,” said the mayor.

“Aucklanders are currently doing the hard yards, but we also have a very important role to play. Keep up the good work.

“Kia kaha, Team Tairawhiti.”

Auckland remains at Level 4 but the Government has made an in-principle decision to move the city to Alert Level 3 at 11.59pm next Tuesday, after five weeks in Level 4 lockdown.

The Government will confirm this decision next Monday.

The rest of the country will stay in Alert Level 2 until at least that point as well,

Canterbury University Covid-19 modelling expert Professor Michael Plank said the rest of New Zealand would likely move to Alert Level 1 once Auckland started going down the alert levels.

Alert Level 2 requirements

■ There are no restrictions on who can be included in your household bubble.

■ You can go to work, and all businesses and services can open but legally must follow public health rules.

■ Early learning services, schools, kura and tertiary education facilities are open to everyone.

■ Even if you have been vaccinated, you still need to follow the rules to keep everyone safe.

■ Wear a face covering.

■ You are encouraged to wear a face covering when you cannot maintain physical distance from others.

■ If you are around people you do not know, it is a good idea to wear a mask. Face coverings stop droplets spreading when someone speaks, laughs, coughs or sneezes. They are a way to protect ourselves and each other.

■ In some situations, you must wear a face covering if you are aged 12 or over — on public transport, inside retail businesses and public venues.

■ Keep track of where you have been.

■ Use the NZ Covid tracer app if you can. This helps with rapid contact tracing if it is required.