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Sleeping couple woken up by firefighters

Firefighters had to wake up a couple asleep in a smoke-filled unit in a block of flats in Ormond Road last night after food overheated on the stove, and it was alert neighbours who raised the alarm.

FENZ were called about the incident at around 9 last night and sent two appliances to the flats near the Fox Street corner.

“The neighbours heard the unit's smoke alarms going off, and called 111,” a senior firefighter said.

“The owner of the block of flats lived across the road, and the neighbours also let him know what was happening.

“He was opening up the unit when we arrived.”

Once inside, firefighters roused the sleeping man and woman inside, got them outside, and removed the smoking pot of food outside.

“The couple were checked over by a St John ambulance crew for smoke inhalation. They were OK,” the senior firefighter said.

“It was good the flat had smoke alarms that worked, and it was lucky that the neighbours heard them going off.”

The senior firefighter said there was no fire damage caused.

The fire crews ventilated the unit to remove the build-up of smoke.