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On the street

What has your favourite part of the Olypimcs been so far?

Dick Black: 'It's all been good. But the sevens were just out-gunned last night, Fiji was too good.'
Jackie Frazer: 'I loved what Hayden Wilde's mum said about him being unfit when he was young, because now look at him. It's inspirational for the kids.'
Jenny Budden: 'Watching the triathlon has been great. I watch it all. And love the kayaking.'
Jim Davidson: 'Gymnastics because it's a fantastic sport. They're artists really, it's just magic what they do.'
Kelvin Inskeep: 'That girl in the cycling who thought she came first and won a gold. Poor thing.'
Odessa Pedro: 'I've been watching New Zealand play all of the sevens rugby games so I'm waiting for the final.' (Bad news, Fiji 27 - New Zealand 12).
Richard Robins: 'The sevens didn't get a gold so I'm waiting on Valerie Adams cause I think she's gonna do it.'
Tania WalkLin: 'I've been watching the sevens... I thought about turning the TV off so we could avoid the bad luck.'
Trevor Garrett: 'It's been great having an event for the world to come together for in these Covid times.'
Amy Mill: 'Watching Tayler Reid in the triathalon.'