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Mangled car removed

The mangled Toyota Celica car that smashed through railings on the Peel Street Bridge on Saturday night was removed yesterday.

“The current focus for the Peel Street Bridge intersection is to make sure the site is safe for regular use for drivers and pedestrians,” a Gisborne District Council spokesman said.

“We’re assessing how bad the damage is to the two bridge-side traffic lights and barrier rail.”

A temporary roundabout remains in place at the intersection.

“We won’t know how long the traffic lights will be out and the temporary roundabout is in place until the damage assessments are complete.”

The male driver of the car that crashed on the Peel Street Bridge escaped the crash with only minor facial lacerations. Picture by Liam Clayton

  1. Stephen Donald says:

    Let’s keep a roundabout at the junction of Peel St and Palmerston Rd / Reads Quay, as it is much better than the traffic lights. The traffic flows much better even with reducing to one lane from each direction (having two lanes coming off the bridge and one on makes for a very tight turn from Palmerston Rd anyway), plus I’m sure this would reduce running costs and costly repairs to the lights.

    I’ve used this route most days since October 2015 and these lights seem to have gone out constantly. In the past this corner has become subject to the right-hand rule under such circumstances, and has flowed better than the lights. Congratulations to the traffic engineer who suggested the temporary roundabout. Let’s make it permanent.