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Fire in old police station

FIRE: Fire broke out at the old police station at the Peel Street and Childers Road corner early this afternoon. Pictures by Liam Clayton.
UNKNOWN SOURCE: Police say it will be difficult to say how it may have started.
NO FOUL PLAY: At this stage they don not think it was deliberate.

Fire broke out in the southern corner of the top floor of the former police station at the Peel Street and Childers Road corner early this afternoon.

Fire and Emergency responded with four appliances after receiving multiple 111 calls.

The fire was contained to two rooms on the top floor of the building.

Fire investigators say some sort of heat source was introduced to start the fire, which seems to have begun in a mattress.

When the first fire crew arrived, they put water through the windows to slow the fire down, attacking the fire from the ground outside with water cannons.

When the aerial Bronto unit arrived, more water was blasted throughout the top floor.

There is a police inquiry underway.

Specialist fire investigator Derek Goodwin and police have looked for the cause but say it is difficult to say how it may have started.

At this stage they do not think it was deliberate and may have been started by a cooking or heating device.

  1. Nathan Williams says:

    The Rongowhakaata Iwi Trust suggested that the old Police Station would be redeveloped in the next 12-18 months. That was five years ago. The police station has been an eyesore in our city for far too long and now also poses a serious fire hazard and risk to life. What will it take for the Rongowhakaata Iwi Trust to act?

    Reference: https://www.gisborneherald.co.nz/local-news/20160429/old-police-station-on-straight-and-narrow/

    1. Natalie Hillman says:

      I don’t really think it’s fair to put it on the Rongowhakaata Trust as they didn’t erect the building, and when they got their land back I’m guessing the building was already in a state of disrepair. Really, whoever handed it back should have demolished and removed it first. It’s like leaving their rubbish behind and expecting someone else to pick it up.

  2. Jo Hansen says:

    I thought they were developing this into downtown apartments. Whatever happened to this plan? Given the housing shortage in Gizzy, it seems a shame that the building is just sitting there in that state.

  3. Bevan Moore says:

    Five years too late to save this building . . . to be given a building and not do something positive with it within a reasonable time frame speaks volumes about some activity that happens in this district . . . no doubt there will be another opinion on why nothing has happened.

  4. Hunta says:

    Govt offloaded a lemon

    1. Gordon Webb says:

      Probably was a hospital pass but one agreed to under the Treaty settlement negotiation process.