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Voters back controls on vape stores

A significant majority think the Council should be able to decide where vape products can be sold around Tairawhiti, according to The Gisborne Herald’s weekly web poll.

The poll was in response to an article on a vape store opening metres from three major schools in Gisborne.

The question was, “Do you think councils should be able to restrict where vape products can be sold?” to which 83 percent (263 votes) answered yes, 16 percent (50 votes) answered no, and 1 percent (4 votes) said they were undecided. It was a sample of 317.

Overwhelmingly, voters thought the council should have a say where the vape shops go, in the way of liquor stores having to apply for a licence.

“Definitely positioning of sellers of vape products should be controlled,” said a yes voter. “If not local councils then who will control this? Vape products should not be anywhere near schools!!”

Another in the “yes” camp said, “If vape stores are built near schools, that seems inappropriate to me. We need to shelter our tamariki from some of these things. They are exposed to too much already, so the area around schools should be viewed as a kind of protected area, in a way. We have protected areas for some of our native flora and fauna, etc, so why not protected areas around our children? Should they not be protected and valued too?”

A “yes” voter pointed out that there were already many vape stores around Gisborne.

“One shop is one too many. It is ridiculous the number we already have in Gisborne.”

Of the few undecided voters, one gave a counter-question: “The stuff can be bought online so why should GDC be bothered? Better if the government imposed a health tax. One bottle of Vape Juice equates to 200 cigarettes.”

A no voter did not want the council involved in the community any more.

“Too much power for a council.”

Another thought there needed to be rules for all smoking paraphernalia if vaping was to be regulated.

“Only if they also start restricting where cigarettes/tobacco products can be sold too.”

Because while a vape shop opening near the schools has caused an uproar, dairies near schools all over New Zealand have been selling cigarettes for decades.