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Mum’s CPR saves toddler

Swift action revived children in two swimming pool incidents.

A toddler was successfully revived by his mother on Tuesday afternoon after being found face down in a paddling pool at a property in the city.

St John Ambulance paramedics were called to a home in Te Hapara at around 4.15pm.

“The toddler, aged just over a year old, had walked to the paddling pool and fallen face first into the shallow water,” one of the St John officers said.

“He was found unconscious by his mother shortly afterwards.

“She immediately began CPR and successfully revived the little boy. He was breathing on his own by the time we arrived.”

The paramedic was full of praise for the mother's swift and effective actions.

“She got to him and started CPR in the nick of time. She did an amazing job.”

The infant was taken to hospital by ambulance, and admitted overnight for observation.

He was discharged from hospital yesterday and returned home.

It was the second near-drowning incident involving a young child in the city in the past few weeks.

A four-year-old girl was pulled from a swimming pool at a home in Elgin in mid-January, again by her mother, and successfully revived.

The little girl had been playing with an inflatable pool toy, got caught underneath it and could not get herself out.

Her mother saw her legs up in the air and pulled her out unconscious, with no sign of life.

She had done CPR training before, although a long time ago, she told The Gisborne Herald.

She was able to revive her daughter quickly — in around 10 seconds.

The child spent the night in Gisborne Hospital under observation, returned home and to the pool, with no side-effects and “full of life” like nothing happened, her mother said.

St John territory manager Shane Clapperton said the incidents highlight the benefits of completing a first aid course and learning how to do CPR.

“You never know when you may need to use it,” he said.

“We would really encourage everybody to undertake a course, especially parents of young children.”