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Fist pump activity a winner

Gisborne high school students have teamed up with a Gisborne tech company to win a national competition — and improve the start of the working day.

Last month the Youth Employability Programme, part of the Licence to Work programme designed for all young people transitioning directly to the workforce, issued a challenge to the regions to design a new icebreaker activity to add to the kete of Licence to Work facilitators around the country.

An icebreaker, sometimes referred to as energiser, is an activity or game that groups do at the start of a workshop or session to help get to know each other or release tensions before work together starts.

Six Licence to Work students from Gisborne Girls' High School volunteered to help make the icebreaker video entry. Year 12 students Rebekah Tanner, Joy KiNiua, Samara Smith, Rose Te Rangi and Year 13 students Kim Potroz and Saffron Bull worked together with the Gisborne-based tech start-up Riposte to create a one-minute video, demonstrating how to use the Riposte app in the icebreaker activity.

Tairawhiti Licence to Work coordinator Karen Fenn and facilitator Jo Graham helped to coordinate the project.

With the Riposte app people can make posts about their emotional, physical, mental and social status. Posts can be shared with friends, or made anonymously, and collectively provide a real-time barometer of the community's state of being. People can include demographic details such as age, gender and ethnicity which contributes to more detailed feedback.

“The goal of the icebreaker designed by the group is to help youth take a moment to reflect on how they're currently feeling, or about recent events that have affected them and their current state of being, and how they are ‘turning up' to the day's session,” Riposte app founder Debs Hancock said.

“Thinking of a positive or ‘fist pump' moment to post on the app helps strengthen their positive attitude, while thinking of a negative or ‘facepalm' moment helps them think of the resilience they've gained following a challenging situation. The activity also aims to help build communication skills where the youth share their fistpump and facepalm moments with another person in the group, and listen to them explain their moments.

“A secondary bonus of this icebreaker activity is that the data from the moments shared by the group can be provided to the facilitator at the end of the day from Riposte Analytics. Doing this activity at the start and at the end of the day's session can provide feedback on the session as well as measuring any shifts in emotional state during the day.”

The Riposte team welcome any groups wanting to try the icebreaker activity in their school or workplace to get in touch by emailing debs@riposte.app. The Riposte app is free to use and the session can be facilitated by the Riposte engagement team. The winning icebreaker video entry can be viewed here: https://bit.ly/3maHEvI

FIST-PUMP MOMENT: Celebrating their win are, at back, from left, Praveen Muthu, Kim Potroz, Seda Procter, Joy KiNiua, Gill Higgins, Saffron Bull, Rebekah Tanner, Karen Fenn and Jo Graham. Front, from left, Deb Hancock, Anita Taewa, Samara Smith and Monica Donnelly. Picture by Paul Rickard