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Public Party protest at impact of Covid-19 restrictions

Maskism is Marxism, read one of the signs at a local New Zealand Advance Party protest in Gisborne yesterday over the impact of Covid-19 alert measures on the economy.

Advance NZ merged with the New Zealand Public Party, led by Billy Te Kahika, last month.

The crowd of about 50 at Heipipi Park by the courthouse for the protest was supported by toots from passing drivers, and occasionally yahooed. A sheep-pen was installed at the park to represent the passive portion of the population going along with Covid-19 restrictions.

The focus of the protest was the economic impact of the Government's “over-reach”, treatments that have not been made available, and the increased damage to people's wellbeing caused by another lockdown.

The Government narrative did not make sense, East Coast Advance New Zealand Party candidate Jen Brown told The Gisborne Herald.

“This lockdown approach doesn't correlate with the lethality of Covid-19.

“We have treatments and we're not using them.

“Isolate those at risk but don't isolate the whole country.”

She cited hydroxychloroquine, an approved medication for treatment of malaria and some auto-immune diseases, and Ivermectin, a drug used to treat parasitic infections. (See August 19 editorial).

“The Government narrative is about saving lives. Why doesn't the Government give us a choice?

“I am more concerned about the negative consequences of lockdown, particularly on our children's mental health and wellbeing.”

Historically, “false flags” have been flown to justify going to war, East Coast Advance NZ member Jeremy Vize said in his speech. The Government creates the problem, the reaction is guided by the media then the Government offers a solution, he said.

Having seen during her time in China, Communism's “complete control” over people, Mrs Brown told the protestors she feared New Zealand was heading the same way.

“So how do we create absolute dependence on the state? One word — debt.”

She was concerned about public money spent on projects that have no economic value, yet one in three New Zealanders will be impacted by job and income losses.

“Post Covid-19, every dollar handed out from the fund is borrowed from future generations of taxpayers.”

New Zealand was teetering on the edge of losing its way of life, she said.

Police had the power to enter homes without a warrant, surveillance cameras and towers were “installed by stealth” during lockdown, online freedom had been “whipped away”, the Government had rushed through bills, and the country's city plans, from the UN Agenda 21 were being “implemented without us realising.”

“They have served us up on a platter to a foreign dream of globalisation.”

POLITICAL PROTEST: East Coast Advance New Zealand Party member Jeremy Vize (right) and a supporter share the stage with East Coast Advance New Zealand candidate Jen Brown at yesterday's protest. Picture by Mark Peters

  1. Robert McCartney, Whanganui says:

    All valid points by the speakers. This Government is carrying out an undeclared or secret agenda as determined by parties unrelated to Aotearoa. The Government is not working for we the people, but they the global corporations. The Government is a sinister and hostile entity from which we need to protect ourselves.

  2. Peter Jones says:

    Thank you Mark Peters for your accurate reporting.
    It is comforting to see what Jennie Brown actually said instead of reading words that have been put in her mouth out of context.
    It is hard enough trying to escape the “conspiracy” label without that.
    I was happy with the attendance at our rally despite numbers being slightly lower than what we get at our meetings. Some of our members fear for their jobs and support of their businesses, which is totally understandable.

  3. Tani Newton, Paeroa says:

    Good on you, Gisborne Herald, for reporting fairly on what may be unpopular views with some. Many thanks.

  4. Karen Morrow says:

    Thank you Mark for being open-minded and reporting what we are supporting in this movement and this new party, the New Zealand Public Party that has sprung out of nowhere; that is giving us a voice. It’s our party. Time for change is now. This isn’t the NZ I grew up in and love. NZPP’s Billy Te Kahika has given us some hope. I’m so concerned for our future, that our democracy and freedoms are being taken away slowly and surely. Also, this virus has the potential of being around for years now – then what? Keep locking down cities and the country constantly when there are cluster outbreaks? No, you can’t – otherwise Aotearoa New Zealand will go down in a crumbling heap financially. You’ll see more unemployment, businesses collapse and close altogether. One thing that worries me is you’ll see mental health issues rise and even suicides because of the pressures. And if you think a vaccine is going to be ready in the next few months somehow, I don’t think so. It takes some time to be able to know if it’s going to be effective. And at the end of the day, it should be our choice to be vaccinated – not to be made mandatory. So the time is now to wake up, New Zealand. I’m not liking where our country is going to.

  5. Jonathan, Canterbury says:

    Good read. So glad someone’s doing something about this. Jacinda has certainly let us all down, just like every party has for many years. It would be great if the voice of the people carried weight in Parliament. Could be just what we the people of NZ need. I hope this new party does well.

  6. Barney, Palmerston Nth says:

    Thank you for reporting this accurately Mark and without the bias we so often read. The people/movement you’re reporting on are trying to raise awareness and good on them. Readers can decide for themselves if they support this point of view.

  7. Kim, Dargaville says:

    Thank you to The Gisborne Hearald for publishing this article. I’m so angry that the other mainstream media are helping the Government keep Advance NZ under the covers. The truth is now out there and 1000s of people are realising we have basically lost all our rights. There’s a lot more going on behind this covid smokescreen than some people realise. We will see who the real conspirators are. It certainly isn’t a positive movement that is standing up for its freedoms and rights. They are critical thinkers and truth seekers. If there is nothing to hide, then the hierarchies shouldn’t have a problem with people speaking up about their concerns. Nothing wrong with people trying to stand up for their health, safety and democratic rights etc. I stand with Advance NZ proudly, as I believe that they have our country and its people’s best interests at heart totally. Thank you to all those taking part in our peaceful protests in the best interests of our country and for All New Zealanders. Thank you Billy Te Kahika and Jamie Lee Ross and all the ADVANCE NZ team for being the voice for this amazing movement.

  8. Tyrese Summers, Rotorua says:

    Thank you for discussing what is happening in our stunning country. I am hoping New Zealand can go back to a democracy and distance from China, and make new trading partners with other nations – so we aren’t under the influence of the CCP. We need to get back to the country I have never seen, as I am still a teen and am hoping to see this country as a nation that pulls above its weight and still holds its international status as a safe place.

  9. Jen Brown says:

    Seems we have be right all along. They will come after our children next even though the survival rate is 99.999 percent. Vaccine passports are on the horizon which will create an apartheid between the vaxxed and unvaxxed. Israel is up to their 4th shot because if ineffective vaccines. Is this what you wanted? Complete control? This is communism. Wake up, people. Before it’s too late.
    Join us at Voices for Freedom.