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‘Who would steal someone’s puppy and then sell her?

Heartbreak for Gisborne family after missing dog sold over Facebook.

A Gisborne family have been left crushed after their puppy was stolen, then sold over Facebook.

Their hopes of being reunited with their pet were dashed when they found out the puppy had to be put down after it contracted the deadly parvovirus at the address from where it was sold.

And the woman who unwittingly bought someone else's pet is $350 out of pocket — the $70 the puppy was sold to her for and a $278 vet bill.

The foxy puppy was given to 16-month-old Amora-Rose three months ago.

“She had a lot of names but we called her ‘Little Puppy',” said Amora-Rose's mother, who did not want to be named.“She was given to us by a friend. She definitely wasn't sick here. She had her parvo shots and was such a happy dog.”

The sad story started last Sunday at around 11am.

The puppy followed Amora-Rose's aunty along Owen Road in Kaiti as she walked to basketball practice.

On the way, another dog scared the puppy and she ran off.

The aunty carried on — thinking the puppy would come back or go home, which was just down the road.

Instead, by 3pm that same day, the puppy had been offered for sale on Facebook for $70 and was sold by that night.

The 20-year-old woman who bought the puppy said she had been excited. She had wanted a puppy for a while and asked over Facebook if anyone had one for sale.

“There was this lady messaging me,” the woman told The Gisborne Herald. “She said she had a Jack Russell puppy for sale and I asked her for details and photos.

“I told her it looked like a foxy and said I would pass, but she kept messaging me, then she sent me a video.”

The woman found the video so cute she agreed to buy the puppy and went to the address supplied to pick up her new pet.

But over the next two days the puppy's health deteriorated to the point where it was suffering from diarrhoea and vomiting.

The woman took her to a vet, who confirmed the puppy had the highly contagious and deadly canine parovirus — more commonly known as parvo and particularly virulent in dogs under one year old, even if they have had a parvo shot.

The puppy had to be euthanised.

Meanwhile, the family who owned the dog had been holding out hope for a happy ending.

The mum said Amora-Rose was walking around home and calling for her puppy.

But a plea on Facebook for anyone who had seen their missing dog brought devastating news.

Eagle-eyed Facebook users recognised the puppy from an earlier post by the woman who had bought her. Upset the puppy had died, she posted a warning to check animals were not sick before selling them.

“On Thursday afternoon I put all the pieces together and worked out what had happened,” said Amora-Rose's mother. “I can't stop thinking about it and am still so confused. Who would steal someone else's puppy and then sell her?”

The mother said she would be contacting the police.

Loved her puppy: Amora-Rose with her five-month old fox terrier her family called Little Puppy. The puppy went missing in Kaiti last Sunday and ended up being sold on Facebook to an unsuspecting woman. Little Puppy was euthanised by a vet after contracting canine parvovirus from the address she was taken to and sold from. Picture supplied

  1. Hugh Jorgan says:

    P freaks, that’s who would steal and sell someone’s puppy . . . and I wouldn’t contact the police, they won’t do anything. Make a complaint and please let us know the outcome.

  2. Alan, Wellington says:

    The aunt should have had the puppy on a lead as young dogs
    will not be trained to stay by your side.
    Also, people should not buy animals via facebook as it is a dodgy
    way to buy most things.
    The dog was not necessarily stolen as it was apparently found
    wandering free (was there a collar and phone number?)