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Global ‘plandemic’

Ardern, Bloomfield, Labour Party all part of the communist coronavirus conspiracy — NZ Public Party.

Labour "communists" Jacinda Ardern and Ashley Bloomfield are complicit in a global agenda of state control that involves construction of the coronavirus “plandemic”.

New Zealand Public Party founder and lay minister Billy Te Kahika made that claim to a packed room at Waikanae Surf Life Saving Club on Saturday night.

The New Zealand Public Party was launched only three weeks earlier in response to injustice and tyranny hurled upon the New Zealand people by the Labour/NZ First/Green government, according to the party's website.

“Reclaim New Zealand for the people is the main goal and message.”

Introduced at Saturday's meeting as the chosen leader for the people of Aotearoa, Mr Te Kahika presented a dystopian, deep-state vision of the future under Prime Minister Ardern's Government.

He talked about the bio-weaponisation of coronavirus, the purpose of the conspiracy behind the pandemic, the hoax over its virulence, the web of conspirators and how World Health Organisation (WHO) players, 5G and GMO (genetically modified organisms) were part of the agenda to exercise state control over people/mankind.

He connected passages from Revelations, the apocalyptic text in the New Testament, to the global plan to put everyone into a global unit, he said.

“We know New Zealand is still enduring the greatest disaster to hit Aotearoa,” said Mr Te Kahika.

“Under Jacinda Ardern, Labour is under a global communist regime. The threat this government represents to New Zealand is greater than any threat before.”

Prime Minister Ardern had already brought in military control, he said.

“There are things we need to decide as a family, as a nation.”

The “plandemic” was used to usher in United Nations programmes Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 to force humans into a funnel of control, he said.

The UN's Agenda 21 document sets out broad objectives for governments to combat poverty and protect the environment.

Updated in 2015, one of the Agenda 30 aims is to “take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts”.

Conspiracy theorists see Agenda 30 as a blueprint for the global enslavement of humanity under corporate masters.

If Ms Ardern had her way, no longer would New Zealanders have the freedom to go to the beach, go fishing or hunting or grow kai, said Mr Te Kahika.

“We're not going to let that happen,” said a voice from the floor.

Before he understood the coronavirus narrative had been exploited around the world, he was an advocate for the lockdown, said Mr Te Kahika.

He even went into lockdown with his family before it was enforced.

“Life was OK but I paid attention to the narrative told by the international media, World Health Organisation players and the Government.”

During his military training from 2001 to 2003 he had some experience of military intelligence, which is where he learned to break down information — assessing and reconfiguring it into various outcomes, he said.

“As I examined the narrative around the pandemic small cracks appeared between players. A fractionated change in the narrative contradicted previous statements they had made.”

The information had said the coronavirus was the most lethal ever released on mankind.

“It was stronger than SARS or any other virus.”

Mathematical epidemiologist Professor Neil Ferguson from Imperial College London had scaled up from initial claims the projected death rates caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Professor Ferguson was “a crook”, Mr Te Kahika said.

Other key players he named as being in the global conspiracy included American physician and immunologist Anthony Stephen Fauci, who President Donald Trump put in charge of the US response to the pandemic, and Microsoft Corporation co-founder, business magnate and “Mr Vaccine himself”, Bill Gates.

“The chief sponsor of WHO,” said a voice from the floor.

Bill Gates had said the global population must vaccinate themselves, Mr Te Kahika said.

“He owns some of the largest shares in vaccine development in the world.”

Mr Te Kahika said he visited The Pirbright Institute in England, a research institute dedicated to the study of infectious diseases of farm animals, and looked up funder lists.

“Bill Gates funded coronavirus research,” he said.

“I also went into the patent side and downloaded them. Gates has been investigating coronavirus. The excuse they used was to see how they could keep cows healthy.”

Fauci didn't mention he was sitting as an executive on the board of the Gates Foundation, said Mr Te Kahika.

“Gates gave funding to a certain Chinese scientist to study how he could weaponise coronavirus. He gave the scientist millions of dollars to take the virus back to Wuhan, where it appeared as something battered with fries.”

Groomed as a globalist by Helen Clark in the 1990s, Ms Ardern had been president of the International Union of Socialist Youth — “an incubator for all socialist tyrants”, said Mr Te Kahika.

“You go through the incubator to work in one of those communist organisations.”

An unelected official who made decisions about what people and their children should do, Dr Ashley Bloomfield brought back ideology and exploited information from WHO, Mr Te Kahika said.

“He has used the crisis to achieve certain outcomes.”

Dissenting voices such as that of Stanford University scientist John Ioannidis — who said the global response to the Covid-19 pandemic was a disaster — and New Zealand epidemiologist Simon Thornley — who said if people were careful and took on cleaning precautions we would get through — were shut down, said Mr Te Kahika.

Coronavirus was no more than strong influenza, he said. Even Italy had faked deaths attributable to the virus.

Moving on to the education system, he said it had been dumbed down. Kids were not taught to think.

“They want to put all people in New Zealand in high-density environments. That's why they attack the dairy and agricultural sector.

“The Government is intent on collapsing them to repurpose the land for SDAs (specially designated areas).”

The Government's recent gun control measures were aimed at preventing people hunting for food.

The use of GMO seeds, 5G and enforced vaccinations would make people sicker and, with the reduced population, easier to control.

At the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's Goalkeepers event last year, in which leaders from around the world gathered to accelerate progress toward achieving sustainable development goals, Ms Ardern said she would lead New Zealand and entrench Agenda 20 and 30, said Mr Te Kahika.

“She said it, made the commitment and is on script now.”

In New Zealand a couple of weeks ago, Bill Gates wanted to invest in the country's Cloud infrastructure and build a vaccine plant here, said Mr Te Kahika.

“I want to ask Jacinda Ardern ‘why are you having these secret meetings?'”

“They're plotting against our people,” said a voice from the floor.

The Government's alert response regulations destroyed businesses and caused suicides, and the cost hadn't even hit us yet, he said.

“You want to start a hippy bank,” said a voice from the floor.

Giving money to businesses struggling due to commercial slowdown during the Alert Level responses made people dependent on the state.

“While people are enjoying the money, Jacinda Ardern has a surprise for them.”

The nation was standing on the edge of a cliff, he said.

“Are we going to let Luciferian control freaks control us?

Are we going to let them destroy this beautiful Aotearoa our ancestors gave us?”

Having been in the army, he knew how such cultures could condition people, Mr Te Kahika said.

“Presenting information calmly, factually and on solid ground is the only way to get people who don't believe it on board.”

■ The New Zealand Public Party does not appear on the register of New Zealand political parties.

The Electoral Commission website says political parties wanting to contest the party vote at general elections and have their logo on the voting paper must register.

Registering is optional if a party only wants to stand electorate candidates.

‘Under a global community regime': New Zealand Public Party founder Billy Te Kahika has accused Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Director General of Health Doctor Ashley Bloomfield of being part of a global agenda 'to exercise state control over people/mankind'. 'The threat this Government represents is greater than any threat before,' he said in Gisborne at the weekend. NZ Herald pictures
Director-General of Health, Dr Ashley Bloomfield.
NEW PARTY: Three weeks after the New Zealand Public Party (NZPP) was launched, the party's founder Billy Te Kahika outlined his vision to a packed room at Waikanae Surf Life Saving Club. He also introduced NZPP's Gisborne candidate and education spokeswoman, Jennie Brown. Picture supplied
Billy Te Kahika and Jennie Brown. Picture supplied
  1. Stuart Perry, Hastings says:

    I can’t believe that a reputable paper like The Gisborne Herald would give these wingnuts air-time. I’ve been involved in politics for many decades and read some absolutely preposterous drivel, but this bunch really take the cake. But then I guess when they are supported by conspiracy theorists, anything goes. The real surprise is that The Herald published this diatribe!

    1. Mark Peters says:

      NZPP is a political party that held a public meeting in Gisborne. To not report on it would be remiss and tantamount to political bias if not censorship.

      1. Emma, Northland says:

        They are not a political party. They have no registered and are not at this point eligible to receive votes.

      2. Linda, Hawke’s Bay says:

        Great for printing news, no matter what political persuasion!

      3. Michael, Silverdale says:

        The McGillicuddy Serious Party ran as a political party in multiple elections. This didn’t automatically entitle them to a full page of coverage in a local paper. Frankly their policies made more sense than the garbage being peddled here.

    2. Aroha, Auckland says:

      It would be a wise thing for the NZ public to have people in Parliament to keep the activities of govt that affect us all at a reasonable level of transparency and accountability. What is your problem?

    3. Chris Elliott, Hastings says:

      Why would an intelligent and conscientious person say stuff like this if they, at least, didn’t believe it’s true? Out of respect for their obvious intelligence (you don’t get to the “Intelligence” level of the army if you’re dumb) you should at least do your own research, and look for information that challenges your assumptions from sources that you, personally, can have some faith in – like scientists, virologists, doctors etc.

      And just bear in mind while you do that of the two phenomena of 1) “confirmation bias” – where people will generally only believe things that confirm what they already believe to be true; and 2) “cognitive dissonance” – where if a person comes across information that seems credible and yet is completely outside their frame of reference for what is true, and they begin to feel their certainty cracking at the seams, they will flat out deny it’s true – whether it’s true or not. You need a lot of courage, and self-awareness, and self-honesty to go down the rabbit hole. I wish you all of those good things in your search for what is true!

      1. Len, Auckland says:

        Well said Chris.

    4. Lisa Er, Titirangi says:

      I agree Stuart.
      I am very surprised that this article was published. It is better to ignore such misinformation than give it space.
      There are absolute lies here that should be addressed in future articles by The Gisborne Herald.

      1. Penny Cameron, Nelson says:

        Please state what lies were told by Billy, with evidence to back up your opinion.

        1. James, Auckland says:

          The people are waking up to this fraud and we only have Te and Si users to blame for believing the false narratives for so long.

      2. Danielle, Rotorua says:

        Please can you specify where exactly this man is spreading ‘misinformation’ and ‘lies’? Everything he states can be backed up by solid evidence. I would strongly advise you to do your research and look into UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 30. The information is readily available for all to see if you care to look. They are not conspiracy theories – they are FACT. Dismissing these Agendas as conspiracies without first doing your homework is ignorant in my opinion. People need to wake up! Thank you Gisborne Herald for publishing this story.

      3. Samantha Woods, Auckland says:

        We as humans need true information. We are being deceived and lied to. As we all know, lies get u know where. Only time will tell. As for another lockdown, it’s not needed as all NZ cases are isolated and from incoming people. If we are put into another lockdown I will know for sure our government is up to something as I think many others will too. We have rights as Kiwis and humans. I WILL NOT HAVE MY RIGHTS VIOLATED. Beware people as someone is lying to us, but who?????

      4. Krystal Hall, NZ says:

        Ardern’s deceit has caught up with her and more people need to know the truth. We do not need a totalitarian government running our country. Well done for reporting Gisborne Herald.

      5. Anahera Kay says:

        Lisa, you disappoint me. Supporting the lies and fast-tracked legislation by this Government and erosion of our rights are you?
        Point out in the article what you see as conspiracy, and address it point by point. Otherwise you are just another opinionated, Labour- loving zombie.

    5. Stephen Banks, Northland says:

      Like most, you’re not paying attention. NZ is under attack from within.

    6. Hayden Redwood says:

      Fear is worse than the virus itself.

    7. Penny Cameron, Nelson says:

      Do your research, as Billy has done his. Agenda 21 is available for all to read. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gate’s involvement in vaccine programmes is no secret. That Bill Gates is a proponent of the depopulation agenda is also no secret – he has said this openly and repeatedly. This aim of the Illuminati/Luciferians/Deep State is carved in stone on the Georgia Guidestones. And if all that isn’t clear enough for you, look at what’s happening: the destruction of the farming sector, the push for urban supercities, the roll out of 5G without pause to examine health implications . . . not sure what part of what’s happening right in front of you that you consider “conspiracy theory”. None so blind as those who will not see.

      1. Janice de Raad, Bay of Plenty says:

        Bang on. The public will very soon learn the uncomfortable truth.

      2. S Russell, Porirua says:

        Beautifully said…

    8. Ross Pelham, Queensland says:

      I see some think this is “conspiracy theory” but everything said about Ardern’s past and present actions is factual and can be researched easily by anyone. I have a video with her stating to the said Goalkeeper meeting that she is implementing Agenda 21/30 in NZ policy. Now, when you read what these UN goals are you don’t want this for your kids’ future.

    9. Thomas Morunga, Christchurch says:

      Stuart, they are not conspiracy THEORIES they are Critical Thinkers with FACTS to back their concerns up. Your job is to prove them wrong – so far all that has been written in this column is accurate and to the point. New Zealanders have every right to know the Government’s every decision and have a say in all matters concerning New Zealanders – be they political, economical, global or financial. After all, the politicians are there to serve the New Zealanders who put them in office. They serve the people. Vote http://WWW.NZPP.ORG.NZ

    10. Stuart, Wellington says:

      I know these topics are scary for a lot of people. However, the sign of a strong and vibrant democracy is its willingness to discuss these topics openly, honestly and with compassion. I know some people struggle with this, so I ask those that hold a strong view either way to listen with empathy and talk with respect. We can all act as responsible and caring adults.

    11. Guy Davies, Riwaka says:

      Congratulations to The Gisborne Herald.
      Good, independent reporting by a truly independent paper.

    12. Caroline Smith, Feilding says:

      If only this was absolutely preposterous drivel. Do your own research Stuart. It seems that many people think that if this information isn’t on the news then it’s not true. Keep in mind that the media is owned by a small number of people and that Jacinda gave the media $50 million for the first pay out. “If You Tell A Big Enough Lie And Tell It Frequently Enough, It Will Be Believed.” Adolf Hitler. We have been lied to regarding Covid-19 and the facts/ data prove that. Now we have in the media that there are so many new cases (but so few deaths). Every year there is around 650,000 deaths from the flu. Over the last 27 years in the UK for the CV time period, this year comes in at 8th place. So where are all the excess dead people? Tracking, mandatory vaccinations, cashless society – can’t you see that this is all about control?

    13. Donna Bodell, Tauranga says:

      I can’t believe you would say this without research. If you had done any research whatsoever, you would not be ignorant to the facts.

  2. Jen Brown says:

    Before you dismiss this all as “conspiracy theory” let’s check who the United Nations’ partners are.
    The Rockefeller Foundation
    Coca Cola
    Goldman Sachs
    Mars Inc
    Johnson and Johnson
    Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

    I’ll give you one guess who is the largest contributor to the World Health Organization (WHO) . . . that’s right, Bill and Melinda Gates after Trump cut US funding.


    “The Project Last Mile (PLM) partnership between The Coca-Cola system and its Foundations, USAID, The Global Fund and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation facilitates knowledge transfer from The Coca-Cola system to Ministries of Health and develops their capacity to create and sustain efficiencies to improve health outcomes in Africa. The Coca-Cola system brings over 85 years of global and local expertise operating across Africa to the partnership.”
    You can’t make this stuff up! I would laugh if it wasn’t so tragic.

  3. Justin Rosewarne says:

    Yeah the politics of the last 60 years has let us all down and to vote for the current parties is the biggest waste of time!! As for the one world govt being created right in front of our eyes – to remain blind to it is just so far past wrong it is treason!! Anyone can go and do research on the web these days so the media are no longer required as they are complicit in this as well, and have really let the general public down. If the globalists/communists get their way, our world will be cashless, people crammed into mega cities, farmers and farms gone, unelected power-drunk politicians, social credit scores, your thoughts and speech controlled etc, etc. If only George Orwell was alive now! I wonder what he would say? Told you so!! Praying that the mark of the beast and the buying/selling of souls can be averted!! Jesus Christ! May enough good men stand up and be counted, because it won’t matter what he said, she said, or what all the rest didn’t do!! Because hell will be on Earth!! Vote for real change people and protest peacefully till true change comes.

  4. Jeremy Vize says:

    It’s so easy now to see the pattern.
    Allow your citizens to get murdered at the mosques in Christchurch, bring in stricter gun control.
    Allow the plandemic into NZ, bring on the collapse of a broken financial system, forced unwarranted entry and removal of people from their homes, destruction of businesses’ and peoples’ livelihoods, digital tracking and surveillance app, demonisation of cash, the perception of animals/agriculture as being dirty – and the only way to get back to a ‘New Normal’ is to trust you with a vaccine.
    NZ and the world have woken up to the lies. We are truth speakers and people want to listen.

  5. Anne Bauld says:

    Very commendable Gisborne Herald. Well said Billy. People just don’t want to know what is happening in their world. I see President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the WHO was finalised today. Thank goodness we have him as a leader of the Free World so finally/maybe people’s eyes are seeing what has been going on for years.

    1. Wendy Dewstow says:

      Are you serious???? What a hoot!

      1. Julie, Masterton says:

        Why would put this conspiratard in your paper?

        1. Mark Peters says:

          Conspiratard is a compound word made up of conspiracist and retard. The latter is an ugly, anachronistic, hate word. I’m saddened to see it appear in a comment on our website.

        2. Grahame Cole, Auckland says:

          Come on Julie. Don’t be so lazy and predictable with your comments. Do some of your own research, it’s not hard. There are so many doctors, scientists, Nobel Prize winners, educated people speaking out and saying the same things. Wake up and open your mind!
          Well done to The Gisborne Herald to accurately report what was said at the meeting. Btw – there is another one this coming Sunday, July 26 in Auckland at 1pm at the Logan Campbell Centre. Let’s see if the Auckland media outlets attend and report the meeting as well as The Gisborne Herald did.

  6. Tani Newton, Paeroa says:

    Mark Peters, congratulations to you for going to this meeting and reporting on it fairly (I guess – I wasn’t there) and at some length. Perhaps you are not one of the corrupt media toadies who only support the politically-correct narrative. Thank you.

  7. Petra Zoe, Dunedin says:

    If Bill Gates is nefariously pursuing “population control” through eugenics, then why is he funding so many global health initiatives that actually save lives, especially in poor countries?

    If Jacinda Ardern is secretly a communist agent, with a view to turning New Zealand into an authoritarian communist state, how will she do that, given that NZ is neoliberal to the max (we have one of the most open economies in the world and one of the most representative democracies)?

    1. Michael Thomas, Tauranga says:

      In response to Petra Zoe on good work done Bill/Melinda Gates Foundation assisting people in poor countries. Between 2010-2017 the Gates Foundation (and also shareholder Dr Tony Fauci) went into India and ran their health system for seven years. Untested vaccines were used and as a result, 490,000 children are NOW PARALYSED!! The Indian government kicked out the Gates Foundation and since this happened NO MORE PARAYSLED children!! Remote African villages, known fact that women and men were sterilised UNKOWNLY through the Gates Foundation VACCINATION PROGRAMME. READ DR RASHIB BUTTAR AND DR Judy Milovits who worked under Dr Tony Fauci . . .

      Footnote from Ed: This claim that has done the rounds of social media is, of course, false. Please see some rebuttal here:

      1. Raewyn Forlong, Tauranga says:

        Thank you Michael Thomas I would endorse what you have said, and there are far more facts concerning the philanthropic Gates crew. And to the editor … I really can’t support your fact-checkers after seeing how many times they consider someone’s opinion as false if it doesn’t really fit the agenda narrative. And as for fact-checking with the offenders themselves i.e. Gates Foundation, WHO. Did you just ask them and they said “Oh no we didn’t do that”? The courts call for witnesses for a reason when there is a not-guilty plea. Fact check that!

      2. Petra Zoe says:

        As per the editor’s note added to your reply, your claim regarding India is not true. Neither are claims made about Africa or Fiji or anywhere else that these malevolent lies like to situate themselves.

        1. Anahera Kay says:

          Seeing as you love the Gates foundation so very much, and believe they are completely benign, then you will have no problem with being micro-chipped and vaccinated when they decide to roll the programme out.
          You lack the very basic ability to think critically, and therefore your opinion is just that, a biased opinion based on no research or fact. Just a shallow, mindless zombie following and worshipping false messiahs.

      3. Mark, Taranaki says:

        Hey Ed. With respect … the facts used in the fact check are supplied by the WHO – which is essentially Gates as he is their largest funder.

      4. Teresa Irving says:

        You say this claim is false because fact checker said so – did you know that one of the founders of fact checkers is Bill Gates?

      5. Patricia Adams, Opotiki says:

        Isn’t Fact checker funded by Bill and Melinda Gates

    2. Teresa Irving, Whangarei says:

      Bill Gates only funds health corporations and charities like world health to get vaccines out to the world – he also funds things like London’s Imperial College where Neil Ferguson fraudulently predicted massive amounts of deaths in England and even more in the States – this same man’s earlier predictions on other health issues were all unfounded too.
      The following puts it into perspective, if you can see it – Imperial College London has announced a $14.5 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in support of efforts to improve and expand access to health care in developing countries. Dec 12, 2018 – the only connection they have to health is partnering with Imperial College healthcare NHS with research – if they did such a good job, then why is there so much starvation and poverty causing ill health and death in developing countries still? Ask yourself why Bill Gates doesn’t just donate a percentage of his billions, which total around $107bn, for water irrigation and farming and fruit and vegetable crops? I will answer it for you shall I – there is no profit to be made, that’s why.

  8. Moki, Pōneke says:

    Right wing and white supremacist conspiracy theories getting print time in the Gizzy Herald. I never thought I would see Māori pushing this stuff. This is not surprising considering Trump has opened the flood gates and legitimised these sorts of views – the sooner that loon is gone with all the tea party right-wing nut jobs the better. Being an indigenous communist myself, I can say there is nothing communist about this government – they are still all about capitalism, which is failing our planet.

    1. Rangimarie, Poneke says:

      Kia kaha ! I’m with you bro

      1. Richard Muraahi, Whanganui says:

        Yes! We have a voice and what comes out of it, is nothing but the truth! With God on their side for guidance and support BILLY TE KAHIKA AND HIS PARTY NZPP will succeed. However, we need to do our bit as well and by voting for Billy and his party NZPP we will then be a free country and do what we need to do to keep us above poverty. No one in Aotearoa should have to be homeless or wondering when their next meal is gonna come. Maybe we need to balance out the economy as well. Why should great big buildings or projects be put up in order just so that we can host an Olympic event, a major rugby game or even a tennis tournament! All that money spent on our entertainment and not on our homeless people and people who are struggling to make ends meet. This issue is one of the most important issues that needs to be addressed. Too many people at the top taking all the cream and leaving only the scraps for the lower and unfortunate people. Yes, my whanau and I are well aware of what this government is up to! But hei aha, they will get what they deserve.

    2. Lanceous Wilkins, Palmerston North says:

      You don’t look very far do you

  9. Peter Jones says:

    730 shares says it all.
    Gisborne Herald has bravely laid it on the line and the NZ public is thirsty for action.
    I always knew it would take a Maori leader to unite public opposition to Ardern’s globalist agenda and it is only a matter of time until Maori people wake up to their indigenous communist leaders, who have lined their own pockets while doing nothing to alleviate the housing problem and health and poverty issues.
    The NZ public does not want to be state dependent and locked down with no food in huge urban high rises every time we catch a cold. We want freedom of choice and a constitution that protects us from government over reach.
    The Treaty of Waitangi affords protection to all New Zealanders against the power of the United Nations. As it stands the Treaty is our only protection because it is an agreement between the NZ public and the Crown and the UN cannot overturn it.
    Don’t look to red or blue governments because they already work for the UN and pay no consideration to the public that they are supposed to serve.

  10. Sam, Wellington says:

    Well done Gisborne Herald for your article on the speech given by the courageous NZPP leader Billy Te Kahika. The issues he raises certainly makes the ordinary political meeting look like a pancake competition by comparison. In any case, whether or not the information given by Michael Thomas of Tauranga has been rebutted is up for debate since the Gates ‘funding’ tentacles reach deep into the financial dependency of many a loyal organisation. His highly controversial humanitarian efforts in poor countries should be seen for what they are – pure self-interests.

    Footnote from Ed: The mediabias factcheck website rates Health Impact News “a Quackery level pseudoscience website for the promotion of anti-vaccination propaganda as well as chemtrails, geoengineering and false information regarding GMO’s”.

    1. Kym Davey, Waikato says:

      And who owns the https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/health-impact-news/ web-sight? A non-biased organisation who does thorough in-depth research or one that just backs up the owners political agenda of world domination by a few? Well done to Mark Peters and the Gisborne Herald. Writing and printing this took guts and that is a rare quality in today’s world.

      Footnote by Ed, from Wikipedia: Media Bias/Fact Check is an amateur organisation based in Greensboro, North Carolina that rates factual accuracy and political bias in news media. The site classifies media sources on a political bias spectrum, as well as on the accuracy of their factual reporting. The site is run by founder and editor Dave Van Zandt and was founded in 2015.

  11. Robert Black, Germany says:

    Look at the evidence. Jacinda Ardern was trained by Helen Clark and Tony Blair. She has close connections to the Clintons, and Bill and Melinda Gates. She has said publicly she would lead the way in implementing Agenda 30 in the world. She is a dangerous Marxist.

  12. Robert Black, Germany says:

    Here are Bill and Melinda Gates recently smiling about the “second wave”.
    Is that something to be happy about? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeF5degNKOc

  13. Nick Chandler, Mapua says:

    Thanks Mark Peters for the factual reporting of the contents of this meeting. A good read and carefully written without a hint of irony.
    Saddening to see and hear so much support for this loony-tunes thinking. Unfortunately it seems to be a virus more virulent and potentially much more dangerous than the real virus we are battling at the moment. Lunatic conspiracy theories are extremely toxic and contagious and are rapidly spread through improper use of the likes of Google which, ironically, the loony theorists think are complicit in the conspiracies. Logic completely gone missing for these people.

  14. S. Williams says:

    Well said Mark Peters: “NZPP is a political party that held a public meeting in Gisborne. To not report on it would be remiss and tantamount to political bias if not censorship.” For anyone who would like to listen to the talk by Billy Te Kahika, you can find the video here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HV3Xxaux6d4

  15. S. Williams says:

    And here are some good videos to watch to understand what is happening:

    Spiro Skouras
    The Great Reset Plan Revealed: How COVID Ushers In The New World Order


    U.N. Blackmails World, Threatens 5-7 Years of Greatest Depression Unless You Bow To One World Govt
    Dollar vigilante


  16. Dana Morcan says:

    So, the good, calm and measured Dr Ashley Bloomfield is involved in a coronavirus “plandemic”? And he and the New Zealand Labour Party are “communists”? Oh my goodness me… I think people need to visit China to experience real communism! The word is being bandied about by some Kiwis, without any real understanding of what it is like to be under a communist regime…
    Totally agree with Mark Peters that it’d be ‘remiss and tantamount to political bias’ not to report on this story. However, it is also a relief to note the bullet point towards the bottom of his story: ‘The New Zealand Public Party does not appear on the register of New Zealand political parties’.

    1. Stephen Banks, Northland says:

      Are you from here? Did you grow up here?
      NZ is a dangerous place right now. Growing up poor here is doable because the place is so special and abundant with food. Taking that away from us in itself is criminal. Everyone in NZ needs to be aware, instead of just plodding along.

    2. Lisa Lighter, Hawke's Bay says:

      Billy Te Kahika and the New Zealand Public Party are in the throes of joining with another smaller party, so they will be on the register very soon – the People of Aotearoa have made this happen with the threat of Tyranny hanging over us. We can hear the speakers of Truth when they are in front of us and thank you Mark Peters for your report – I admire your bravery in writing this Article. Thank you from the People of New Zealand – You are the 1st and hopefully not the last to do so.

  17. Karen Lee Lende, Taranaki says:

    Well done on printing the truths. People need to wake up to what’s really going on. Take your blinders off people and research. It’s all there if you’re willing to research. Jacinda and the elites will get what’s coming. It’s called karma. We are in trouble and if people don’t realise that then they need to turn off Shortland St and wake up to the real world. We are being attacked and controlled by those we put in power. Enough is enough. We must come together as one and UNITE, stand together as one, as NZers, and fight for our freedom.

  18. Irene, Motueka says:

    Thank you for this article 🙂

    I agree with a few that it is lunacy. But, unfortunately, true. Too many facts are traceable, they are out there, hiding in plain sight, on the internet, for everybody to read, like Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. In itself they are no conspiracies, as they are outlined publicly – but the real meaning of these documents, and the real plan, in layman’s terms, is not on the table.

    You just can’t put your head in the sand because you so want to trust the government. You just can’t put your head in the sand because the truth is so hard to bear. You can’t make it go away by saying that people who dig up the dirt are wingnuts or conspiracy theorists or any other derogative term. Unfortunately, saying it is hogwash merely goes to show people haven’t read much more than what is on television.

    But I agree, lunacy.
    Thanks again for the article.

  19. J. Machen, Auckland says:

    Oh my goodness! I’ve never read so much hogwash in my life lol. This group have taken too many hits to the head and smoked too much ganja or P. Hysterical paranoia at its worst. Get some mental health help please! 😄

    1. Hayden Redwood says:

      Always the response from an ignorant citizen who believes in all the media hype. How many scientists were called crazy by fellow humans yet proved to be right. People like you keep this corrupt system going by not being aware of the corruption behind closed doors.

      1. Teresa Irving says:

        You can’t cure stupid Hayden, so I’ve given up trying – if they can’t see what’s in front of their faces because TV is hiding it then there is nothing we can say or do to change them. To make me and my family safe is my responsibility – and they have theirs and time will tell which of us is correct.

    2. Caroline Smith, Feilding says:

      I suppose you also don’t believe that Jacinda the Mother of the Nation would push through the most extreme abortion bill as we went into lockdown? Everything that Billy is saying is right there in black and white, just don’t wait for it to be on the 6pm news. Bill Gates is behind it all: from the Wuhan Lab, to Ferguson modelling, to WHO calling this a Pandemic. He has funded everything from lab, to the tracking, to the vaccine. Check out his patent 060606 for us to be tracked with our microchip. This is what the 5G is for. Unbelievable? Well look it up! It’s all there in black and white and Jacinda is right behind it all.

  20. Kate, Waikato says:

    This is, literally, straight from Alex Jones. Anyone believing such rot should be ashamed.

    1. Shane, Wairarapa says:

      Kate, please don’t just call everyone names and not supply any facts – it’s insulting. If you know nothing about what has been said why even comment? If what has been said by Billy and NZPP was incorrect they would be prosecuted for slander or defamation – I would think the fact that they haven’t seems to mean that they must be speaking the truth.

    2. Kim, Auckland says:

      More likely anyone in such a state of ignorance should be ashamed. Everything Billy and the NZPP speak about is documented in plain English – FACT not theory. With a modicum of critical thinking one can conduct a bit of research and learn for oneself what is really going on. A handful of people control almost all of the world’s banks, governments, media, corporations and industry. Incredibly easy to control the global narrative and deceive a brainwashed public. Wake up, or yourself, your children and grandchildren and those of your neighbour stand to lose everything.

  21. Roger, Takaka says:

    This is no conspiracy theory, this is happening now !!

    1. Caryn Pedersen, Mangakino says:

      I’m extremely impressed that Billy’s meeting was written up in The Gisborne Herald. While everyone is burying their heads in the sand, Covid-19 Public Response Bill rolls out, they are bringing legislation through without proper diligence and are taking away our freedoms. Jacinda Ardern and her cronies are very, very dangerous. Covid-19 has at least a 99 percent recovery rate and they want to vaccinate us . . . it’s all about the money. Wait for it . . . she’s going to lock us down again and most probably be more draconian!

  22. Tiahine Wharekura-Kingi, Kirikiriroa - Hamilton says:

    As of the 19th of July, we as members of the NZPP are proud to announce that we have merged with a party who will be revealed at a mass Auckland rally at The Logan Campbell Centre on Sunday the 26, and three other parties have also expressed their interests in a coalition. This strategy is so unorthodox, never before seen in the history of our country Aotearoa New Zealand. There is nothing that can stop NZPP from growing proportions of unbelievable magnitude. We cannot afford to keep this information from the “general public” in this crucial time of desperation. It would be wrong and misleading to accept our freedoms, our rights, our democracy, being stripped from our spiritual being. Under the protectorate of the Tiriti-Treaty of Waitangi. This is a case of High Treason and Genocide.

    1. Hermione Kapa says:

      I personally am pleased someone is asking hard questions .. I am not comfortable with all these bills that have been rushed through govt during lock down

    2. Michael Thomas says:

      Good luck……Australia has taken the Dark path too.

    3. Michael Thomas, Tauranga says:

      TODAY LIVESTREAM, top US former army surgeon and now medical immune specialist, Dr Rashid A Buttar mentioned and praised New Zealand Public Party and Billy Te Kahika for his courageous stand against the freedom and medical choices of the people being slowly taken away under their noses. Why is Bill Gates currently in NZ? Jacinda is in bed with the Gates Foundation. Watch today’s LIVESTREAM or google askDrButtar.com/Ask

      NZ Public Party and its A team is going to take the Sept 2020 election by storm and will shock many voters with an outstanding results. Watch the NZ PEOPLE turn out this Sunday at 1pm at Logan Campbell Centre, ASB showgrounds to support this exploding people’s party.

    4. Julian Sturm, Far North says:

      Well, our health ministry taking its lead from the WHO – no one pointed out that the WHO head wouldn’t call this a pandemic until Mr Vaccine – Bill Gates made a $50 million donation . . . the next day it was announced as a pandemic. Also, the hydro chloroquine which has been used safely for 60 years was found to work with zinc as a remedy, then was part of a fake test published the Lancet journal and then backed by WHO have been telling every don’t use this. Doctors are now taking the system to court as this testing has been proven as fake. NZ follows the WHO blindly when it’s paid for by Gates and Big Pharma . . . they don’t care about your health ,they care about money, eugenics and their egos.

  23. Janice de Raad, Bay of Plenty says:

    At last! A newspaper that has the grit to publish stories that tell the truth. It will come out publicly where the disbelievers will find out the uncomfortable truth and what this pandemic is really about . . . the elephant in the room is the Pandemic of Corruption, and Greed that hides and protects the wealthy elite who are guilty of Child and Human Trafficking by the hundreds of thousands every year, horrific and evil Satanic killings in the most slow and vicious ways possible to raise the adrenaline so that they can harvest it for personal use. This much-admired PM has passed the most extreme abortion laws allowing abortion up to full term. Fetal tissue is used in the development of the Gates Foundation vaccines. Are you connecting the dots yet? And that’s not all…Research. Thank you Gisborne Herald for not squashing speakers who present the truth. Where is all of this in MSM?…..Missing Somewhere Mute

  24. Kim says:

    This was a very biased article. List of resources at least.

  25. Simba, Fielding says:

    Finally! Some relevant truth comes out from the mainstream! Thank You! Wahooh! It’s Righteous and good things will come back. It’s interesting the state of denial from general public. It’s like “Agent Smith” popping through matrix to protect the matrix from the truth. Be mindful, with truth, comes resistance, from those who were unable to ever see a truth.

  26. Marce, Manawatu says:

    He wouldn’t be making this stuff up for no reason, unlike this government he has no agenda or nothing to gain. You can understand his genuine concern for his country, our country Aotearoa NZ when we can all see this Government implementing unlawful acts against us, on grounds of a virus without honest scientific evidence to back it up to amend our bill of rights. Another lockdown would collapse the NZ economy and she knows it. Enforcing martial law upon us?? This is NZ, not China, not America.
    Before you knock him down at least do the research and take a look into everything he speaks about. It is vital for all of Aotearoa NZ to understand when your rights and freedoms are no longer!

  27. Shelley C, Otago says:

    Oh Yahh … well done for finally giving this HUGE new PUBLIC party some airtime🎉
    At least people can decide for themselves what to choose and why, when they get ALL the information.
    It’s called making an ‘informed decision’.
    It’s hard to believe our present govt could be pulling the wool, so to speak. Jacinda seemed so caring and kind and promised transparency …. but … then all our rights got taken away from us during lockdown?!? Even the opposition couldn’t stop that … they weren’t happy about it either!! … under the guise of “until covid is gone” … but covid may never be gone now, they are saying ?!? …. so read between the lines of that statement in the new bill hurriedly and (looking) secretively passed.
    Even I blinked twice over that.
    Not to mention the most barbaric abortion legislation bill in the world was passed in the night …. read between the lines on that too.
    Plus all the mainstream media is OWNED … big pharma funds Fox News
    Bill n Melinda Gates, George Soros, Rockefellers, Rothschilds own or fund BBC, RT and all the other main ones it seems – it’s all researchable too 😐…
    There are new cures for covid that are out there being used successfully, in Taiwan for example … Yinno – seven deaths so far out of millions?!?! Using an asthma steroid via a nebuliser that goes directly to the immediate injury area of the lungs …BUDESONIDE … with zinc being used to slow the germy cell from multiplying …!!!🤗
    Yinno people!?! If I can find that out …. why isn’t that being touted here by our chief medical adviser?? … they seem to be looking at other overseas trends in transmission rates but why haven’t they looked at Taiwan in regards to “management cures”…
    they’re even controlling the media here now too🤔
    So well done for at least one newspaper reporting some different factually debatable news.
    I think I will subscribe to the Gisborne Herald now and turn off all TV reporting …. NZ and overseas 💥

  28. Julia, Waikato says:

    Did you know that everyone mocked Noah . . .
    . . . until it started to rain 🙂

  29. Dave, Northland says:


    Thank you Gisborne Herald for a lot of your recent work. I see this as a turning point for media in NZ. Congratulations for being at the forefront.

  30. Anthony Ravlich, Auckland says:

    I am a human rights author (two books), activist (28 years), and outsider from Auckland, New Zealand. My second book has been severely suppressed. It is called ‘Ethical Human Rights: Freedom’s Great Hope’ (American Academic Press, 2017). I show how human rights have been manipulated at the UN (reflected in the NZ Bill of Rights Act). The global mainstream media refused to report incredible decisions made by the UN on 10 Dec 2008 which have determined Western civilisation and global freedom for decline. NZ Left fake liberals promote UN agenda with support of right-wing politics (Birkenhead library, Amazon, Google Books).

  31. James Hutt, Whangamata says:

    You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink – “wrong”, if you feed it salt lick it will beat you to the trough. You can’t run a country by a committee with MMP (Mixed Member “Proportional”) because this present committee of different factions has ended up black-mailing each other to get their own selfish ends, collectively high-jacking the whole country with a dose of the flu, putting it into total lockdown . . . not before bringing in gun control. This stinks of an orchestrated litany of lies; now, where have we heard that before?

  32. Joelene Hohapata says:

    Wow, thank you so much for the coverage of NZPP. You are a light in the darkness!! Thank you

  33. Wendy Finlayson, Waikato says:

    Thank you for saying this. I do hope people wake up to what is going on.

  34. Jonathan, New Zealand (no fixed abode) says:

    Thank you for finally bringing this truth into mainstream. NZPP will be the next party in government. It is wise to back the many (the people) over the few (elite ruling class), as the future is one where the people are going to secure their freedom forever more.

  35. Jess Watt says:

    Well done Gisborne Herald . . .

    For successfully putting your reputation for bringing truth and properly-researched articles . . . into disrepute.

    As for Mr Te Kahika . . . What an absolute load of codswallop!
    To think that the Government brought in the new gun laws to stop you hunting??? Or to perhaps stop things like the killings in the Christchurch mosqued?
    Luciferian? Come on bud . . . If you were speaking from the churches . . . Why not say so, then we could all laugh?
    Having been in the army? While I have the upmost respect for those who fought and fight for our country . . . two years in military intelligence, you wouldn’t have even been privileged to such information even if it were true!

    Wake up into the 21st century bud!

    1. Paul Fletcher, Kaipara says:

      Jess, as a close friend of Billy’s, on an intellect level I would back Billy to the hilt against you any day – not because he is my friend but because he has an amazing mind, plus I know his honesty and integrity and his reason for trying to help his and our beloved country at great personal expense to himself and his immediate Whanau. What have you done to improve this country’s situation? What facts have you supplied to discredit? None whatsoever. Please go back to watching your corrupt mainstream BS media. You deserve what is in store.

  36. Sarah Smither, New Plymouth says:

    Good on you Mark. Fair coverage. And to those writing off anything they don’t like the sound of, perhaps they should read the COVID-19 Public Health Response Bill, pushed thru Parliament without any usual due diligence and way before people were absconding quarantine. If you agree with citizens having no civil rights, what are you – a Nazi? We are all embarrassed, shamed and saddened by what we have let pass so that we could continue to watch Netflix! We all work to pay mortgages on homes we don’t own while legally having to protect the bank’s asset by paying house insurance etc. We are being scammed every way possible. Stand up people while you still can.

  37. Ryan Taylor, Hamilton says:

    JFK warned about this “growing Threat” day’s before he was assassinated.

  38. George Wakelin, Gympie, Qld. Australia. says:

    What a wank of an article.
    Ardern doing Communist China’s bidding.
    You just wasted my time.
    Grow up.
    Be responsible.
    Many folks are sensitive at the moment.

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