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Fascinating hanging blooms

If you are running out of space for plants on your shelves and sills, don’t worry, just look up! Imagine all the available real estate for future hanging jungles. Indoor plants are very popular at the moment and there’s no reason to stop collecting your dream list just because you have used up your bench space. These easy-to-grow houseplants will grace indoor spaces with their robust growth and colourful blooms for years to come.

Lipstick plant

Just like a bright red lipstick adds the final touch to an outfit, so too does the lip stick plant! Its glossy green foliage (sometimes textured, too) adorned with red or orange tubular flowers complement the look of any room, especially if you’re looking to ‘junglify’ your home.

How to grow lipstick plant in a pot

Choose a pot at least 200mm wide and position in a brightly lit spot, out of direct sunlight.

Part fill with quality potting mix such as Yates Thrive Indoor Plants Potting Mix. Remove plant from pot and gently tease the root ball to loosen the roots. Position in pot, backfill with potting mix and water in well.

Feed fortnightly during the growing season (spring to autumn) with Yates Thrive Indoor Liquid Plant Food.

Lipstick plants do not like wet feet so do not overwater. Only re-water when the potting mix feels dry.

Growing tips

These are quite happy in smaller pots and do not have large root systems, so overcrowding is not usual. They will be tough and reliable if kept warm and not over watered!

String of pearls

String of pearls (Senecio rowleyanus) is a super-popular succulent that grows long stems lined with fascinating green ‘pearls’. They’re great for growing in hanging baskets or displayed on shelves, where their long stems can cascade over the edges.

How to grow string of pearls in a pot

Choose a pot at least 150mm wide (or larger, depending on your plant size) and position in a well-lit spot in or outdoors. Ensure it’s out of direct sunlight, like sitting behind a sheer curtain.

Partially fill pot with potting mix specially formulated for succulents. Remove plant from container, gently tease the roots and cut away any circled or tangled roots.

Position in pot and backfill with potting mix, gently firming down. Water in well.

After the intial water, allow potting mix to almost completely dry out before watering again.

Feed fortnightly from spring to autumn with Yates Thrive Indoor Liquid Plant Food or use a Yates Thrive Indoor Plants & Ferns Dripper which feeds for 4 weeks.

Growing tips

Tip prune regularly to encourage an attractive multi- stemmed look. You can use these ‘cuttings’ to grow new plants!

Re-pot in spring once the plant becomes overcrowded.

It’s easy to propagate new plants via stem cuttings. This can be done by laying a length of stem on top of Yates Black Magic Seed Raising Mix and watering regularly to initiate root development at nodes.

Due to its mildly toxic nature, position this plant away from curious children and pets.

— Courtesy of Yates

Lipstick plant
String of pearls