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What can be tolerated?


The Covid scare is far from over, with Professor Plank predicting a new wave to start later in winter. The experts are also worried about higher incidence of “long Covid”, whatever that actually is.

Professor Plank estimates that close to 3 million people have been infected with Covid in this country and the rise of cases later in winter will likely be because immunity (natural or from vaccines) will be wearing off by then. Reading between the lines, “the experts” are saying to keep up the preventative measures and you will avoid it for as long as possible. So is it misinformation if one reads that to mean that even with taking all possible measures, we will all get it or have had it by some time in the not too distant future?

If we keep getting more waves of infection, just how long will the present measures be enough? And if more dangerous variants arrive, and we don’t have a specific new vaccine that proves to have a high and lasting efficacy, will the economy and the people tolerate repeated falling back into mandates and lockdowns? What say you, Lara?

Dennis Pennefather

  1. Lara says:

    Thanks for asking Dennis. I’m not a health professional nor an expert so my opinion counts for nought. I understand that Covid, a corona virus, will become endemic. I think we are seeing that already in the variants circulating in NZ and overseas. A yearly booster shot will be offered to people to help control the numbers of infections and the severity of illness experienced. We can already get yearly flu shots.
    Perhaps the reasons experts are so concerned about Covid colliding with our winter are the following.
    1. Our homes are often cold and damp and it’s hard to stay well if you have to live in one.
    2. Cost of power is exorbitant and many people struggle to pay to heat these old bangers of homes and put adequate food on the table at the same time. It’s not nice being sick with a respiratory illness at the best of times.
    3. We have a dire shortage of nurses in our health system which is a concern coming into winter.
    I haven’t heard any expert talking about further lockdowns. I invite you to ask an expert for their opinion. Or better still listen to what Michael Plank and others have to say.

  2. Peter Jones says:

    I see some newspapers are using the headline “Alarm at rise of fake news”.
    Well they have the headline right and now they just need to put the true story underneath it.

  3. Alexis Copland says:

    My first introduction to the concept of mRNA vaccines was from a national newspaper. Apparently, the technology was an obvious choice because it was easy to swap-out the bit in the middle, and hence, to keep it up to date. What ever happened to that idea?