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Thanks to our nurses

International Nurses Day reminds us of the many women and men who have been there for most of us over many decades. For nurses, in my generation and before, the hospital was our training place and our home. Now training and education institutions have the responsibility of our new graduates.

There will always be conversations amongst us older retirees which was the best training, and until the last of us goes to our rest in Heaven’s hospital there will always be the joy of wonderful memories of friends and stories of our lives spent together. What won’t change is the dedication and hard work needed to give patients the best quality care possible.

Today, with technology changing a great deal in patient care and the extra stresses of daily needs with homes and families, nurses have many more challenges and issues to deal with.

You have chosen a profession which is — although sometimes frustrating, exhausting and not appreciated like it should be — the most rewarding and fulfilling life. A life of giving and receiving and kowing you are making a difference in someone’s life, or perhaps a death of peace and comfort.

Thank you all of you in hospitals, communities, rest homes, private homes, businesses, clinics, surgeries, cities, rural areas, Pacific and iwi hauora, all areas of health and welfare — you are all to be honoured on your day and every day, and may God be with you all, day by day, to keep you strong and well and joyful in your nursing life.

Arohanui nurses

Nona Aston