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Freeze won’t help at till

Wow! Countdown is freezing its prices. Does that reduce your grocery bill? I don’t think so . . .

If you buy what you bought last week, it will still cost you the same amount.

As new deliveries are made to each store, then the price shown on the shelves will still be the same. No saving for you there.

Countdown will still charge you the over-inflated prices you have experienced for weeks, if not months.

Its delivery charges may have, and will have, increased but you will still pay what you paid last week.

This price-freeze statement sounds good, but seriously, you aren’t going to pay any less than you did seven days ago.

It is just a ploy to get you thinking “these good guys are saving me countless dollars”.

However, you will not save a bean on your regular shopping list. It is just that prices will not increase.

Perhaps some items will be freshly delivered (vegetables, etc), but you will pay no more than the over-inflated prices already shown. That will not save your pocket.

They will continually make that $1m/per day excess profit.

Oh gosh. If only I owned a supermarket I wouldn’t have to worry about my next bill.

At least Pak’nSave has reduced the prices on a number of essential items. That makes a genuine saving.

Mike Mulrooney

  1. Ruth Walton says:

    But the parking is better!!!

  2. Perry Anderson says:

    Bring back Shane Jones lol. Remember National whipped him away to the islands when he took on Countdown? You need a government with balls to sort out the duopoly – unfortunately we haven’t had one for years.

    1. Rae, Tamaki Makaurau says:

      It is the now NZ Labour Government that has started the ball rolling with this issue.

  3. H Hannam says:

    Countdown led the way . . . the others have followed . . . maybe time for people to change their ways of shopping . . . start growing your own vegetables, set up a group with friends or family and purchase bulk wholesome food and then share (no need for chips, fizzy and chocolate). We would end up with a healthier society!