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Cycleway to Makorori suggestion

Has there been a proposal or fundraiser for a cycle/walkway from Okitu Bridge to Makorori? I think “Bob Hansen Way” would be an appropriate name for it.

J. Dubois

  1. H Hannam says:

    How about a decent smooth road from Wainui to Gladstone Road so women with big boobs don’t get black eyes every time they drive to town?

  2. G Webb says:

    How about we finish the cycle ways that have been started or planned eg Midway to the big river, the stopbanks and from Derby St out to Campion College.

    1. Dave says:

      Gordon, I would love to know what has happened to the Midway to the river mouth cycleway…. why has it not happened? It should have happened years ago; should have been a “shovel ready project”.

      Footnote from Ed: Here’s the situation as of September last year