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Hunters: you might feature

A new year, a lot of pain and more to come I think. Something new is one way of feeling better. I have written a new book — it celebrates 10 years of wild animal hunting in the Gisborne district.

There is always a segment of people who like to put everything down. Always a detractor somewhere.

Books aren’t easy to write. It took me 10 years to get it all together. I walked into the printer with a pile of paper (my book) and the office person said, “That looks scary”. It was.

Whether you like books or not, my book promotes freshness; it has blood, sweat and tears as well as laughter in it. It is written well and produced well.

Embrace something new Gisborne people.

Gisborne hunters — you might be in the book. You won’t know until you buy it.

Muirs Bookshop has the book.


  1. Herm, Whanganui says:

    Bit pricey Ricky, don’t you agree? Forty bucks . . .