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Three Waters queries

Re: proposed Three Waters changes.

Can the council advise if the recent expenditure and associated debt with building our new sewage treatment plant and DrainWise project will be transferred to the new multi-regional entity under the current Three Waters proposal? Does the current rating for all water-associated assets get removed from local rates to be replaced by Three Waters? What local impact on reducing council employees is forecast with the proposal? What does the council receive for transfer of assets to Three Waters?

We have seen the adverts but currently do not have any facts to assess. It would be good to know.

Adrian Brown

  1. Peter Jones says:

    I can only assume that three waters will be a corporation committed to making corporate profits – providing services that they can bill you for, namely water.
    Whether the adoption of black-hole sewage projects will turn them enough money, and how they will get their hands on it if it is, remains to be seen. I speculate that they will want to leave the sewage project to its creators.