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A Covid numbers question

Can somebody explain to me why Nigeria, with a population of over 200 million and a little over 6 percent of the population vaccinated, has had less than 4000 deaths from Covid and yet the US (population 329 million) with 66.5 percent fully jabbed, has had just under a million die?

Patrick Cooper

Footnote from Ed: Nigeria’s Covid numbers are unreliable because there is scant testing and limited mortality data, but a big difference with the United States is demographic — the US has a much higher percentage of people who are elderly and/or have co-morbidities that make them vulnerable to serious illness from Covid-19.

NB: A large proportion of US deaths were prior to its vaccination roll-out achieving a level of immunity among vulnerable populations.

NB2: Excess deaths in Nigeria since the pandemic began have been estimated at up to 330,000.

  1. Ritchie Matenga says:

    As much as I would like to agree with the editor, in his reply he leaves out crucial factors that some would scarcely believe could exist in a western country. The first being a health care system that is essentially user pays. This means a good portion of unemployed and homeless generally have no access to health care. Second, the US under both Presidents did not have a comprehensive Covid business model. Not only did this help in the spread of Covid from the early days, as workers were forced to continue working, but it also took the US unemployment rate to almost 15 percent as workers took unemployment as an option to staying safe from the virus. NZ levels reached almost 6 percent in comparison.