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Solution must be found


A lot of people are concerned about the local korora/little blue penguins that have lost their breeding and moulting grounds.

In the grab for more logging yards in a growing industry, a solution must be found.

I have seen a complete area killed off by dogs at Makorori Beach. A lady there who used to work at the SPCA tried every day to save them and their nesting grounds.

A solution must be found and I am sure our group of supporters will agree with this idea. At Kaiti, from where the wall will be staying, an enclosed wire dog-proof fence of about 1.5 metres tall could be run about 100 metres from the east to below the lowest spring tides. It would be set along the road edge about one metre into the grassed area, linking up with the concrete block wall.

There is concern about penguins not being able to survive when their plumage moults as they can’t swim. Maybe gaps need to be created wide enough not to trap penguins.

There was good support for an observation tower where tourists and locals could see penguins returning to their nest boxes in the evening.

It would not be expensive to simply make shallow furrows or trenches running up to the high ground and about 25 boxes with a bit of straw for them to live in.