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Leave penguins alone


Please . . . leave the penguins alone!

Penguins have been around for at least 60 million years, and know better than any human how to be a penguin.

They do not need to be “saved” or managed by people — simply left alone, without interference, to do their well-evolved penguin thing.

Long evolution has given the penguin the form and skills it needs to survive, find places to make its home, and to keep the species going.

Their biggest enemy is in fact humans and human interference in their lives.

Our local “blueys” do not need gawkers, dogs, university experts, photographers, government departments or local bodies to do anything but stay well away.

I repeat, find something else to busybody over and leave the penguins in peace.

Roger Handford

  1. Ritchie Matenga says:

    You’re right Roger! Just the other day I was driving past Tatapouri and I saw a penguin that had evolved large k9s and claws. This should be enough to get those little buggers through the next 100 years of urban expansion.

    1. Roger Handford says:

      In reply to the “tongue in cheek”? suggestion that a penguin has been seen with nasty teeth and claws, maybe the writer should consider urban expansion as the problem, not the penguins. It seems to have escaped everyone’s notice that the penguins CHOSE the seawall’s narrow gaps for a good reason. Dogs cannot dig through concrete. It is humans that are the problem, not the penguins, which will seek the best environment in which to survive. It is people who need to pull back. Everywhere on this planet animal life is being extinguished because humans are destroying the environment in which creatures need to live.