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Put sticks away, it’s not tika


When will activist Māori health providers thank Jacinda and her Government for keeping us protected for the past two years, with morbidity and mortality rates the lowest in the OECD and the envy of the world? Forty-four deaths in NZ compared to the 5.26 million throughout the world; 12,300 Covid cases versus 266 million worldwide.

C’mon man! The NZ Maori Council executive should be sacked for wasting resources in pandering to people interested in patronising the very people they purport to be representing. Ask the Māori Wardens Association how they’ve been ignored and choked of funds by the council for the past 40 years.

Breaching individual privacy by sidestepping informed consent is nothing to be bragging about. Non-Māori vaccine resisters far out-number Māori.

Lady Tureiti Moxon and her “educated” mates need to put their sticks away and start applying tikanga Māori principles of aroha, manaaki and whanaungatanga.

A sorry day indeed.

Rāwiri Gilgen MBChB (Otago)

  1. John Porter says:

    You have my wholehearted support Rawiri. I’ve already said my piece about the issue.