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Scanning fail, back to manual


I visited our excellent HB Williams Memorial Library yesterday.

On arrival, I was politely asked by security to show my vaccination pass. I produced mine, which is printed on paper. Unfortunately the mobile phone being used did not acknowledge my pass. The pleasant security lass also tried her phone to scan my pass, to no avail.

As this was not expected by any of us, security recorded my visit manually on paper and I was allowed to enter the library.

Is this just a first-day problem or will it happen to all paper vaccination passes?

Will places requiring vaccination passes have to have paper and pen, on hand, to manually record paper vaccination passes which failed to scan?

This could be an ongoing issue for me and others with paper vaccination passes.

Some helpful answers would be welcome please.

So much for modern technology!

Barbara N. Barwick

  1. Tony says:

    I’m not sure that a piece of paper is modern technology.

  2. Maria says:

    Unfortunately (?), having a mobile phone is getting increasingly necessary for many day-to-day activities. Having your vaccine pass on your phone eliminates the need for printed paper. Save it as the screen background and you have it quickly available.

    1. John Adams says:

      Our system should not require people to carry a modern smartphone, charged, at all times.

      If we cannot handle the concept of a printed pass then we need to re-visit the system entirely. It is nice to have a back-up for when my phone is dead or when I simply do not wish to log my health data on an unsecured device. I will, however, note that I use a printed pass and have had no issues with it.

  3. Phil Hunt, Picton says:

    Talking to a friend in the UK this week, I mentioned our use of Vaccination Passes.
    He has had both initial inoculations and his booster, and has them on his mobile, and then told me he had never been asked to see his pass.
    My experience here is some do, some don’t want to check.
    I don’t mind either way, but surely when the system was thought out they would know that in a busy world this would happen?