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Let’s secure penguin site and add a viewing tower


Having had experience with blue penguins and lost habitat, such as at Makorori Beach, I see a simple solution as seen around the world — shelter and peaceful breeding and rest places.

Kaiti Beach has wandering dogs and not all of these are on leashes. We have wandering dogs at night that the GDC dog catchers are trying to impound or kill. They have killed pets around Kaiti at night, and it has been proven that these dead penguins were killed by dogs.

The lay of the land around the expanding port is ideal to solve this. The 90 degree inside corner could be fenced off for a distance of at least 100 metres. Steel wire at a height where a dog or even people cannot get into the enclosure. A digger could make a large number of trenches with wooden boxes set underground about three metres down the trench at their far end. The ground could be left with small native grasses and left as is, over time.

As an observation site, a tower about 20 metres tall would enable people and watchers a view of penguins returning to the nests in the evening. This is very beautiful to see. It is not an expensive proposition, and would show locals and tourists what Tairawhiti has created right on our doorstep.

Funding is possible as the Government funds organisations like Forest and Bird to operate. Maybe even Eastland Port could join in.

Thanks to the people who protested about this horrible problem. Let’s fix it. It’s over to us all.

Alain JORION, NZ Recreational Fishing Council and Gisborne Tatapouri Sports Fishing Club life member

  1. Over The Protesters says:

    All these protesters are doing is running agenda and grandstanding. There is a plan in place for the kororā in order to provide them with protection. Eastland Port are actually proactively working with DOC and Ngati Oneone, who hold mana whenua, to design that plan. Experts have been called in from all over the country to assist. The kororā are regularly surveyed and have nesting boxes situated in the areas they seem to like frequenting. Fences have gone up to keep dogs out, and signage has been put up to raise awareness for dog walkers, as Onepoto is one of the only beaches gazetted as an off-leash beach. Whaia Titirangi, an environmental team, are putting hours and hours into the care of these taonga.
    The people who are protesting have their own agenda for being down on the beach, and unfortunately it’s not for the best interests of the kororā.

    1. Ken Ovenden says:

      Hi, over the protesters, please put your actual name to your letter, that gives it credentials. You for example state there is a plan in place for protection of these precious little animals – nothing has been seen in public notification to date. DOC and Ngati Oneone should be left right out of any protection for being all ya, ya, ya, bla, bla, bla – we are doing this and this, but actually do nothing. Who are your experts? DOC could not even tell the sex of a dolphin swimming beside their boat – while they warn everyone to stay away. Phoney experts who need to learn, LOL

    2. Maree Conaglen says:

      That’s a bit of a negative position to hold. Maybe the “protesters”, better known as protectors, haven’t yet heard of the plans you talk of. I think it’s great when people are prepared to take a stand to protect the environment and the creatures that inhabit that environment.
      I wonder what you actually think the intentions of the protectors are! I know 2 of the protectors personally and know for a fact they are people with much mana and integrity. Their intentions would be honourable because that’s the kind of people they are.
      As for Alain’s idea, I thought it sounded great.

    3. John Adams says:

      Given that Kaiti beach is a ON LEASH only beach for dogs, I am presuming the rest of your information is also incorrect and you are simply one of the lazy ignorant, people I see driving their cars on Kaiti beach while their dogs run beside them.

  2. P.J. Reed says:

    Nice one Alain. I think arguing over jurisdiction is senseless and as long as the penguins are well cared for it makes no difference to me who the agents are. I really like the idea of a viewing platform . I hope whoever does this makes it a part of the plan.