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With rain comes the slash


I read in our paper the Ministry for Primary Industries has partnered with forestry company OneFortyOne NZ, providing $1.37 million through its Sustainable Food and Fibre Futures fund towards a $3.6m project. I quote: “The project is in its second year, with a long-term monitoring programme now established within control and treatment catchments at OneFortysOne’s Donald Creek Forest, near Tadmor in the Tasman district.”

The friends of our river, the Waimata — who include New Zealander of the Year Siouxsie Wiles — will hold a meeting shortly. They are disgusted with the state of our river, including the sewage discharges into it in town.

During the recent heavy rain, rafts of forestry slash kept floating down the river. GDC even had to check the bridge piles weren’t coming under pressure from the


The forestry industry is meant to prevent this from happening but it appears that slash is still being left where it falls. And when the rain comes, it is swept up by the flow — making everybody unhappy.

Alain Jorion

  1. John Porter says:

    Alain Jorion
    …and there’s much more to come.
    As long as there are “more jabs” being heavily promoted and forced on people, there will be more rainstorms, more floods, more slash in rivers and on beaches. Oh, and don’t forget landslides, blocked roads, collapsed bridges, etc, etc.
    And soon there will then be more alternative media reports of increasing “vaccine” deaths/disabilities to entertain the masses.